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Councillors worry as bedbugs spread in Kwekwe

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Councillors worry as bedbugs spread in Kwekwe


Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

KWEKWE – Bedbugs (tsikidzi in Shona) are spreading at an alarming rate in Kwekwe and councillors last week called for an urgent fumigation programme.
Ward 9 councillor, Maxwell Judha told a full council meeting on Thursday that bedbugs were spreading at an alarming rate in Mbizo 7 and called on the City Council to urgently address the problem.
He said the same reports have been received in Amaveni, the second largest suburb in Kwekwe after Mbizo.
“Bedbugs have become a menace and they are spreading so fast, in my ward in Mbizo 7 singles apartments.
“Last time we had reports from Amaveni but now in Mbizo we have reports of bedbugs which means they are spreading so I appeal to the health department to speed up the fumigation process before its too late,” said Judha.
A bedbug is a parasite of birds and mammals which sucks blood. Travel is the main source of bedbugs. Bedbugs may not cause disease but they are an irritant that causes itching and loss of sleep. Excessive itching may cause secondary skin infection.
The deputy health director Sister Patricia Shumba revealed that chemicals for fumigation were procured.
“We have purchased chemicals to start fumigation of the areas affected so we will be calling you to assist to lead us in fumigating the affected areas,” said Shumba.

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