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CCC supporters denied inputs in Gutu Central

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CCC supporters denied inputs in Gutu Central



GUTU – CCC party members throughout Gutu Central were allegedly denied agricultural inputs distributed by Zanu PF councillors on different dates last month.

CCC supporters from the constituency’s 11 wards told The Mirror that their names did not appear on the lists allegedly prepared and approved under the instruction of Acting Chief Nyamandi born Siyano Machaya and Zanu PF councillors.

“We supplied our names to village heads but we all got nothing,” said Enita Mukombe, a CCC women’s quarter candidate in the August elections.

Masvingo Provincial Agriculture Extension (Agritex) Director Nobert Masiiwa said the list of beneficiaries must be drawn by Agritex assisted by traditional leaders. 

“The list of farmers who receive inputs is prepared by Agritex officers assisted by traditional leaders. The list is given to GMB which distributes the inputs to ward centres. I am not aware that the inputs were distributed on partisanship and besides these agricultural extension officers do not ask such information,” he said. 

Those who got the inputs were given 2kg of sorghum each.

CCC Parliamentary candidate for Gutu Central in the August 23 elections, Matthew Takaona said politicisation of Government aid is illegal and a violation of human rights. He said the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) must be called in to investigate the complaints and bring culprits to book.

“Distribution of Government aid must be based on a clear, fair and transparent criteria that is devoid of politics. This weaponisation of aid has gone on for far too long and the barbaric behaviour must be stopped,” said Takaona.

Zanu PF Ward 35 Councillor, Benson Dandira denied the allegations. 

He said that allocation was based on lists provided by village heads. He however, would not say what criteria the village heads used.

Soon after the August 2023 elections, Chief Nyamandi said in an interview recorded by The Mirror that CCC members would be excluded from Government aid to punish them for not voting President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He said he was drafting lists together with his village heads.

Nyamandi also held a court on September 30, 2023, and openly instructed his village heads to deny CCC supporters Government aid.

Called for comment, Nyamandi denied the allegations.

Mukombe said CCC members went to distribution points like any other villager but none of them got inputs.

“CCC members went to Chimunzwa Center where inputs were being distributed. The inputs were given to Zanu PF members only. If a Zanu PF member was left out by mistake, Dandira would intervene and give the member. The lists were carefully prepared to exclude anybody linked to the opposition,” said Mukombe

Ward 9 Councillor George Dzinotizei said everyone benefited and if there are some people who didn’t receive the inputs, they should have talked to him.

“Who has brought that information to you? From what I know, everyone benefitted, if there are people who were excluded, they should have notified me. No one came to me with that complaint meaning they all received the inputs, said Dzinotizei.  

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