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Prophet announces his marriage to a congregant’s wife

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Prophet announces his marriage to a congregant’s wife


Mhoroi mhoroi anhu imwi makasimba chere? Yapindindira hondokondo shiri yehondo, Ngwele yemolonyeni. At times HOTH retreats deep into the gumtrees far from the madding crowd to meditate. When he comes out it will be explosive. As you rightly know I am not that kind of a vindictive person. 

I say and write the truth and nothing else but the truth. Handisi type inokamhina chironda chandisina kukuvara ini… Zviya zvekuti muface wangu  akakuvara ini ndokamhina. 

Kuvengeswa munhu asina kunditadzira. Kuitwa hotspot panyaya isineyi neni, so that I satisfy the ego of someone with unprovoked bitterness and hatred. Kungoudzwa kuti nhingi ndakamuvenga newevo wotohakira. Ko akutadzirei? I am not that kind of a guy. 

When HOTH writes anything, he has seen it with his two bulbs. If you feel Hoth scandalised you, stand up and contest but man,  you could force more skeletons out of the cupboard. Ita mwiroo kkkk zvinopfuura.

I know a lot of people might be wondering why I am sounding like a preacher or man of god. I deliberately wrote man of god in small caps to remind you all that you are Men or Women of God, not those clowns. Today I am going to write about one of them.

So, like always I will be minding my own business when I bump into juicy ones. I am told there is this retired gunners who started his church around town and it now has a sizeable following. I heard the guy has all the military titles like Commander One or Military Prophet kkkkk Hoyo umwe Madungwe.

So, I heard during the COVID era that the retired gunners formed a prayer group which used to sneak to another house in Rujeko for prayers. However, I told this guy had a bigger vision, so he started a church in town.

 Eeehezve iyo iya Vicky Christian Grouping (VCG) whatever that means. Yes, iya yekupindirwa muimba iya yevaya vanomirira kodzero dzevanopikira jere mumacompany. Hey! Did someone tell me that his spiritual father is vaya vekugaya matombo? Totovati vana Magaya heduzve. 

So, a young couple in Rujeko joined the prayer group and later the church. According to my source the couple used to own a FunCargo which they later lent to the prophet whenever he was going to spread the word of god.

The Commander started lusting for the pencil-slim wife of Fatso the owner of the FunCargo. HOTH is not privy to what actual happened, but I am told he finally managed to trick the woman into a relationship. Asi Wangu unombotembei chaizvo, because I heard he announced in church that he has a new wife and introduced Taps to the congregation much to the surprise of the whole church and her hubby.

The hubby never put a fight he just walked out and left everything. Sando dzako Fatso kusweronetsana nemaBomboclats rinenge ratova drama. Some, however, allege that the Militant Soothsayer used some Juju on him so that he won’t voice his displeasure. Hanzi Mafuta eshato here kudii. Haaa zvinhu zvacho here? Nyika ino ichatongwa naJehova sure.

After the hubby walked away prophet Kashiri or Rushiri hamenowo ikoko took over the property and the FunCargo was officially his including various other items and rented out a house for his new wife in Rujeko. He went on to father a child with her. Hanzi chatova negore wena pakaipa wena.    

Now the problem came when muporofita atengesa mota iya and never shared the proceeds with his new wife. Hana yako hairove nei? Zvinoita zvinhu zvekupamba henyu ma1 chaiwo. A fight broke out and they never knew peace in their house. He started being elusive and went back to his first wife in Rhodene. Zvadhakwa ka izvi ma1. He no longer pays the rentals. 

Some close connections told HOTH that he told the wife that he wanted to open a studio and so he was going to use the money to buy cameras. Instead I am told he bought a PA System iyo iya yamunojamba maspeaker pachurch ipo paya. 

Mai porofiti vadiki can no longer afford a decent life. Varume imi denga muchaita rekuonera paNetFlix chaipo.Tadii tatsvaga Jesu achiri kuwanikwa? Tadiii tasiya chivi nguva ichiripo? 

Until we meet again next week when HOTH visits Chiredzi. Have a good time .

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