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Zimuto High kid develops smart walking stick

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Zimuto High kid develops smart walking stick


Ellen Mlambo


MASVINGO – A-lower-six science student at Zimuto High School Theophilus Beans has invented smart walking stick for visually impaired people.
The stick detects obstacles and was recently showcased at Masvingo Agriculture show by the National Annual Science, Sports and Arts Festival (NASSAF).
The stick also detects the presence of water and when it comes across obstacles it releases alert sounds. Beans passed his O Level with flying colours and he is now doing Maths, Physics and Computer science.
“The walking stick is made up of a water sensor, battery and an ultra-sonic sensor for detecting puddles. The whole project was funded by Zimuto High and I am looking for sponsors to produce these sticks at an industrial level,” said Beans.
He is also an excellent public speaker and is going to Togo at the end of this year for public speaking.
Zimuto High head Harris Mashava said he is proud with the Theophilus innovation. Theophilus is putting Zimuto on the map in terms of applying the competency based curriculum, said Mashava.
“We are proud of Theophilus, he is lifting Zimuto flag high. He is implementing the aspects of 5.0 education system that supports technology and innovation. We are confident that his works will inspire other students,” he said.
Theophilus is the child Vice President of the Junior Parliament and he won several awards in public speaking and debates. 
Beans told The Mirror that he visited COPOTA School of the Blind this September and he was touched by their plight and this inspired him to design a smart walking stick.
“It took time for me to come up with the gadget and I engaged a Phenomenon Technology under Science Learning that helped me to come up with the invention.
“I went to Bulawayo on September 19, 2023, and I designed the stick from scratch. I feel happy with this invention because it will make life easier for the visually impaired.

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