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Catholicism x-rayed by a pentecostal preacher

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Catholicism x-rayed by a pentecostal preacher


Paul Chibuye (an active Pentecostal preacher based in Zambia) writes:

“I admire Catholics level of unbotheredness. You can criticize their church, their leaders or their faith, they will listen to you until you finish, then they will go to church the next Sunday, eat the Sacrament and go home.

They do believe in miracles but they don’t chase miracle from church to church. Mass is only 1 hr, no time for gossip, you don’t have to over dress to impress anyone.

They don’t even have loud speakers in their churches to disturb villagers, they don’t hold crusades or go evangelising. If you want to join them, you have to go look for the church yourself, they have no time convincing you to join them. Nor do they have time to preach against other denominations. They don’t even have time to recognize visitors for unnecessary greetings.

Minding their business is a full time job.
No time to organize false marriages, no hypocrisy. No need for the priest approval to know you are doing right, personal relationship with God, a relationship that is between you and your Creator and Jesus in your heart, not shouting to prove anything. Quietness no fake falling under anointing or pretending to hear from God and doing the opposite.

They practice daily repentance, prayer, devotion, meditation, humility, charity and sacrifice. Very disciplined denomination”.

GOD bless his church.

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