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The house belongs  to Dr Mutumbuka – Registrar of Deeds

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The house belongs  to Dr Mutumbuka – Registrar of Deeds



The Registrar of Deeds Absolom Magwere has said unequivocally that Number 184 Rolf Valley Township belongs to Zimbabwe’s first Minister of Education, Dr Dzingai Mutumbuka. He also says in no uncertain terms that the deed held by Jonah Ngome who sold Dr Mutumbuka’s US$600 000 is fake and an imitation of Dr Mutumbuka’s deed. He also conceeds that the changes to Dr Mutumbuka’s deed so that it reads Jonah Ngome was done by fraudsters using computer database at the Deeds Office.

There is more than meets the eye because High Court Judge, Justice Chinamhora went on to order for the eviction of Dr Mutumbuka inspite of this affidavit from the Registrar of Deeds.

Also curious is that Ngome whose whereabouts are not known and has never come to court to defend his claim to the house was only 17 years old when he acquired the property. 17-year-olds require guardian support to acquire such properties. Ngome was born in Mundembe, Mutare on 29 December 1970 and the deed was transferred into his name on 30 June 1988.

 The number given by Ngome on the agreement of sale 0772242063 has not been reachable.

 The Sheriff initially declined to evict Dzingai Mutumbuka from his house until the outcome of an urgent chamber application by Mutumbuka at the Supreme Court. However, the urgent chamber application was referred back to Justice Esther Muremba at the High Court who asked Mutumbuka’s lawyers to separate the hybrid case and resubmit but as they withdrew and tried to do so they were shocked that the eviction was effected inside 24 hours. Sawyer Mkushi is representing Dr Mutumbuka.

Harrison Marange who ‘bought’ Dr Mutumbuka’s House for $40 000 is being represented by Zvavanoda Law Chambers.

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