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The end is nigh Cde Minister

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The end is nigh Cde Minister


Good fellas it has been a while. Well, I am back but with a sad story for one faction in The Gumbakumba Club. I don’t know how to start the story, I think MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN would do. I can see the writing on the wall. I think if I start with one of my late granny’s folklores that I felt was interesting, it would bring my point closer home. We used to gather around her to hear those stories that would jolt us from the world around us to the fantasy land.
I know the story might be a legend and might have been told several times with different versions. The story was about two friends who were inseparable. They were the king’s aides, so they were competing for his attention. One day the King told them that he wants to give one of them a part of his kingdom to govern. The competition intensified and several shenanigans were employed to outdo each other.
So, when the other one saw that his nemesis was getting some gifts and freebies from the wife of the king, he hatched a plan and started defaming his opponent throughout the entire kingdom. He was lying that his friend was cheating with the King’s wife. The rumour spread like veldt fire and everyone was speaking about it in hushed voices.
This chit-chat went on for several months, and months turned into years until it reached the King’s ears. The King was so livid that he ordered his men to bring the hapless friend before him to answer the allegations. They searched his house and found some trinkets that he had received from the King’s wife as tokens of appreciation.
They proudly brought them to the King and told him that the small items were given to the accused as love tokens. This angered the King who ordered that he should be killed. The King, however, said the best way to make him suffer for his sin was to kill him by depriving him of food.
He was immediately whisked by the King’s men who whisked him away and threw him into a gaol. Several days passed and the effects food deprivation started to take its toll. The friend who had lied would surreptitiously visit him and pretended to sympathise with him. He noticed that his eyes began to sink in, and ribs were showing and his tummy looked like he was mummified.
Although he wanted to fix his friend, he couldn’t take it anymore so he to the King and told him the truth. However, the King did not tell anyone that he had sentenced someone to death because of a lie. He only said he said he thought the guy had suffered enough.
However, due to his guilty conscience the liar told his friend that he was the one who had caused all his suffering and asked for forgiveness. The friend just told him to gather a 50 kg of feathers and wait for a windy day and empty the sack while on the highest point. He told him to gather every feather after that and come back with the sack to him. I other friend said that is impossible and was told that is how the gossip about him has spread, and it impossible to take back all his words.
That brings me back to reality. I am told Chitova went to Vene and lied that the Biller Code was the foot soldier of Boss Cader in the Province. Vene did not waste time and kicked Biller Code out of the Gumbakumba tent. However, someone told Vene that his right hand man was lying.
He immediately told Chitova that he should give him concrete evidence. Chitova promised to bring an audio. As it turned out he failed to bring any. Vene is so furious accusing Chitova of lying to him. Now that Biller Code is out of the feasting tent, I heard Chitova tried to apologise but he couldn’t take it. Varimirana pamuganhu. Vene is threatening to relieve Chitova of his duties very soon. I am reliably told that the ink on the dismissal letter is so wet that they waiting for it to dry up before they deliver it to Cde Chitova.
That it is why I can see the hand scribbling on the wall – MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN interprets as God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end; you have been weighed … and found wanting; and your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

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