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No passage at tollgates for unlicensed vehicles

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No passage at tollgates for unlicensed vehicles


Unlicensed vehicles will not be allowed to pass through tollgates from next Saturday as authorities tighten licensing requirements, although drivers of insured but unlicensed vehicles will be allowed to pay the licence fees at a tollgate.

Some motorists were using vehicles with licence exemptions, expired licence discs and unregistered vehicles for intercity travelling and paying the toll fees but not the licence fees.

In January, police impounded over 784 unregistered, plate-less and unlicensed vehicles nationwide in an operation aimed at getting rid of criminal elements and ensure motorists comply with registration, insurance and licensing laws.

Zinara has now warned those with unlicensed vehicles that they will not be allowed to pass through tollgates until they comply with the rules.

Vehicles which are de-registered, vehicles with licensing exemptions, and vehicles without number plates are not allowed to move around on Zimbabwean roads, Zinara explained in a statement quoting the Vehicle Registration & Licensing Act.

“As such, we urge the motoring public to make sure that their vehicles ar e fully licensed before they embark on any travel to avoid inconveniences.

However, Zinara will allow motorists with valid insurance receipts to pay for their vehicle licence discs at tollgates and collect their discs at the nearest Zinara licensing offices.

Motorists have welcomed the barring of unregistered vehicles and unlicensed vehicles saying they were causing chaos on the roads as they would be playing a cat-and- mouse chase with the police.

They said many vehicle theft crimes were committed by people in unregistered vehicles as they were difficult to track when stolen.

Miss Sharon Chipunza of Meyrick Park, Harare, welcomed the barring of unlicensed vehicles from the roads.

“Vehicles must be registered and licensed according to the relevant laws. In recent months we have witnessed a surge in the number of vehicle thefts and the criminals are targeting unregistered vehicles without number plates. So the decision by Zinara to deny passage of unlicensed vehicles at tollgates is bold,” she said.

Ms Merlina Chirozva of Kuwadzana said vehicle owners must comply with the law and licence their vehicles.

“I commend Zinara for barring unregistered vehicles from passing through tollgates. There has been an influx of vehicles coming into the country through our borders and most of them have not been registered to date.

“Zinara must impound all unregistered vehicles because people are becoming negligent on the roads. The registration of vehicles is also important as it will help in identifying the owner in case of an emergency,” she said.

Mr Selby Machekanyanga concurred with Miss Chipunza and said unlicensed vehicles were often used by mushikashika operators.

“Zinara has made a wise decision because as vehicle owners we must make sure that our vehicles are licensed and have insurance. This is not meant to benefit Zinara but the owner of the vehicle.

“What is more worrying these days is mushikashika operators have a huge number of unlicensed vehicles especially those who ply Harare-Mutoko and Harare-Marondera. These roads have tollgates and they must not be allowed access through those tollgates,” he said.

Delroy Sibanda echoed similar sentiments and said denying access through tollgates of unlicensed and unregistered vehicles should be welcomed.

“People are taking the law into their own hands. Zinara should partner police and impound all unlicensed vehicles and not just deny the vehicles from passing through tollgates.” Herald

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