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July Moyo defends Pomona deal

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July Moyo defends Pomona deal


LOCAL government minister July Moyo and Geogenix BV frontman Delish Nguwaya have defended the controversial Pomona dumpsite deal, which they admit did not follow tender procedures.
The Harare City Council deal with Netherlands-based Geogenix BV has courted controversy after it emerged that the local authority has to fork out US$22 000 per day or US$8 million annually to dump waste at its Pomona dumpsite.
In his opposing affidavit filed at the High Court in a case Harare North legislator Allan Markham (Citizens Coalition for Change) is seeking a review of the deal, Moyo, however, admitted that the project did not go through tender.
Markham has cited the council, Moyo, Harare deputy mayor Stewart Mutizwa, suspended Harare mayor Jacob Mafume, acting town clerk Phakamile Moyo and Geogenix BV as respondents.
“In this instant case, an unsolicited bid was made to first respondent (Harare City Council) by the Geogenix BV, and the first respondent submitted it to Zida (Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency) as is required by the law,” Moyo said.
Nguwaya said due diligence was done before the company was given the contract.
“First respondent’s officials, particularly engineers together with officials from the second respondent visited Italy and Tirana in Albania as part of the due diligence exercise. The officials managed to see other projects carried out by the sixth respondent similar to the one proposed at Pomona dumpsite,” Nguwaya submitted.

“Post this visit through the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency, engagements continued resulting in parties coming up with a draft joint venture. The draft agreement was negotiated with City of Harare officials, the Attorney-General of the Republic of Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Ministry of Local Government.
“Government and Public Works officials and the Geogenix BV and the process was transparently done. Cabinet rendered an oversight role as the project was of national interest,” Nguwaya added.
Moyo insists the project would benefit residents.

“It will also reduce the amount of pollution which is being experienced by residents in Harare, especially those who stay in and around the area of Pomona, taking into consideration the hazardous incidents which have occurred there in the previous years,” Moyo said.
Meanwhile, Econet Group’s Clean City has suspended waste management and waste disposal operations in Harare effective May 25.
“The recent changes in terms of trade at the Pomona waste facilities have left the household and corporate clients that we serve unable to afford the service. In turn, this has impacted the viability of our waste disposal business,” Clean City said in a notice. Newsday.

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