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Chipinge prefers river water over boreholes

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Chipinge prefers river water over boreholes



CHIPINGE-Cholera cases are on the rise in the Save basin area as residents are neglecting borehole water and drinking contaminated and untreated water from the river.
Chipinge Environmental Health Officer Chuma told a Cholera Respond Coordination workshop at Flamboyant, a Regency Group Hotel on Wednesday that residents are refusing to drink water from boreholes.
The workshop was attended by representatives from rural district councils in Manicaland and Matebeleland South provinces.
Chuma was representing District Medical Officer (DMO). Dr Ozimo Matekenya at the workshop organised by the Ministry of Health and Childcare and Ministry of ….
“People along Save River basin are neglecting safe water from boreholes preferring unsafe river water because of the salinity and alkalinity of borehole water in those areas. We are giving them chemicals to treat the water but you know it is very hard to change human behavior,” said Chuma.
She said the district has recorded 43 cholera cases and four deaths since it’s outbreak in May this year.
Chuma said her Ministry is worried over Save Valley residents who are ignoring safe borehole water.
She highlighted that the Ministry of Health drilled boreholes along the main cholera hotspots in the district.
“We sank boreholes in Wards 3 and 5 in the Save Basin area but we are still having problems since most people there are preferring water from Save River,” she added.
Chuma also said the area has many apostolic sects who adhere to religious beliefs thereby increasing the risk of contracting the water borne disease.

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