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Zanu PF introduces performance scorecards for MPs

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Zanu PF introduces performance scorecards for MPs


ZANU PF will introduce score cards for its National Assembly members to monitor and assess their performance both in how active they are in Parliament as well as in their constituencies.

Zanu PF chief whip Cde Pupurai Togarepi said the new system was spoken about at a caucus meeting at the party headquarters in Harare yesterday.

The caucus meeting was also attended by Zanu PF Politburo members Cde Josiah Hungwe, Cde Paul Mangwana and Cde Tsitsi Muzenda among others. This follows the New Dispensation’s commitment to making public the results of the performance of office bearers officials as a way of ensuring transparency.

Cde Togarepi said the move was meant to monitor the performance of Zanu PF National Assembly members in Parliament and their constituencies.

“We are following Ministers, permanent secretaries and heads of public institutions who has already signed performance contracts as the Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa fosters a high-performance culture among office bearers to enhance accountability and good governance,” said Cde Togarepi. The Second Republic’s thrust is to promote a culture of accountability and improve service delivery to the nation.

Some parliamentarians have a tendency of failing to deliver promises made to the people during campaigning period, hence the need to assess their performance. “The major highlights of the caucus meeting was to deal with the performance of MPs. We were discussing how MPs are performing in their constituencies after realising that they should have targets which should be adhered to during their tenure of office. As MPs, we should also have standards when moving motions, reporting and debates in Parliament.

“We are going to come up with scorecards. Whatever they do in Parliament will be recorded and at the end of the month will review their performance,”

Their performance will be assessed by the national Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha and the Secretary for Legal Affairs Cde Mangwana.

“The leadership of the party in the commissariat department and Secretary for Legal Affairs will look at the scorecard and assess the performance,” said Cde Togarepi. To foster a high-performance culture across the entire public sector, the Government has introduced performance contracts under the Integrated Results Based Management System.

Some of issues raised at the meeting, Cde Togarepi said, was the impending drought in some districts saying the Government should swiftly distribute maize to the people across the country.

Already, the drought relief programme has been extended by a month to give the Social Welfare Ministry enough time to identify and list the families who will need help with food.

He said MPs for ED will be launched soon in support of President Mnangagwa.

“We are going to launch it and we invite the President as our guest of honour. All we are saying is that, as members of Parliament we stand with our President.” Herald.

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