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Youth reject football kit, demands jobs from Zanu PF

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Youth reject football kit, demands jobs from Zanu PF




Gutu – Benjamin Ganyiwa has allegedly taken back his donations of football kits and a grinding mill after Zanu PF youth in Gutu East Wards 13, 15 and 39 rejected them demanding jobs instead.

Ganyiwa is seeking to contest the 2023 elections on a Zanu PF ticket.

Ganyiwa refuted allegations that his kit was rejected by the youth, but confirmed that he took it back because there were some elements that wanted to use his gesture to tarnish his good name.

Sources said that the youth walked away after Ganyiwa offloaded the donations from his vehicle and told him that they needed jobs not footballs.

“The youths did not reject my donation. I made the kind gesture almost six months ago and I was shocked to discover that some of the youth I intended to help are greedy and wanted to keep the donations for themselves,” said Ganyiwa.

Zanu PF candidates have been known to offer food stuffs, footballs and other perishable commodities to the electorate ahead of elections.

 Ganyiwa was infuriated by the youth and he took his donations to the Zinata area in Ward 13 which is his home area but the youths again refused his offer saying they need jobs.

Sources told The Mirror that, Ganyiwa lost patience and he finally took the donations to his home. https://masvingomirror.com/


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