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Vene MP impregnates mentally challenged woman

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Vene MP impregnates mentally challenged woman


Pfee yapindira hondokondo shiri yehondo kufukafa kufa kana kufenda. Manje manje vanhu varikuchema muimbi. Umwe uya akatisiya vhiki richangotanga hanzi itai yamuri kuita ikoko. Asi vakomana musadaro imi.
It is unAfrican to celebrate the demise of a fellow countryman like my friends on social media are doing . No matter how and what evil someone did to you. I am pretty sure if you leave everything to Karma he will serve everyone his or her menu.
I am not a firm believer of superstitious theories, but when someone told me that Karma knows everyone’s address, I nearly believed it. Maybe you might be wondering where this is coming from. Let me give you some flesh.
It is a known fact that the Gumbakumba Club has a knack for using people and dumping them soon after their part in the story is over. Whether what befalls the disused ‘Comrades’ is part Karma’s making or natural forces remains opaque.
The club’s youths have in past raped, maimed and killed in the name of the party. When they are doing it to their friends in the party you tend to wonder what they do to those who don’t subscribe to their way of thinking. I was shocked the other day when I heard what is happening in the Gumbakumba club.
HOTH anoziva hake kuti kuGumbakumba ndokwazara maoff layers chero akedza kuita edit face nestructure zvinoramba wena. Mireji yafamba apo and engine check light rakabaka kare kare. Hehehehe seka hako HOTH. Zvakapera panonaka zvivanhu zviya.
Don’t lose track of where I am trying to take you. I am trying to say the guys have changed tact as well as the hunting ground. Now they going after those women who in normal cicurmustances could have been looking for help from the not honourable missing person. Chinyarara HOTH! Tazvinzwa HOTH chinyarara kkkkkk
Asi vakomana vepaharurwa makandirwadzisa. Of all the people you chose kuti uya atitungamirire here vakomana kana mazogara hakuna masero akadaro. Chete vese havo kunze kweuyo wendombolo mamemory card ari blank aya.
How can you elect someone who doesn’t know his way to the toilet in the old and new parliament. Mwari ndovanoziva pane zvamakaita henyu. You will leave with the guilty conscience for the rest of your lives.
So, when that other guy was singing about musangano wakasimbira kumasero he meant that even members of the missing persons can hunt in the cells. I heard our representative got this mentally challenged woman pregnant. Lord have Mercy! Zvimwe zvinhu zvinopedza power.
So, mukuru Makusha mbeu yenyu maNyika mese muya. I heard you are not even taking care of your kid. Asi varume musadaro imi. I heard he also snatched his fellow Murakashi’s wife and they guy demanded payment hehehe haya!
Hanzi ipapo ndopaakabata benzi ruoko. The guy is coming back for more payment every time he gets broke. I don’t blame him I heard ivo vacho vanenge vane zvima cents so. Zvokwadi nyika inovakwa nevana vayo. More details to follow.

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