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Police Chaplin caught pants down with married woman

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Police Chaplin caught pants down with married woman


Hello again fellow readers. Nawanadem kkkkk some street lingos are sometimes misused because of several meanings attached to them. Today I am wondering in the land of sting bugs. Ikoko zve kuharugwa uko. Ko iyezvino dzangozara pese pese. Some decades ago these sting bugs were domicile in Hanyanya Mountain.
Umm…that reminds me of what happened last week. That was sad. For Christ’s sake I don’t wanna delve into the details of that issue. Misodzi haisati yaoma. I might be as human as I am, but others have seen it as an opportunity. Vakutoti mukana wamuka. Did I hear that there is already some lobbying for the post? Eish!!! Ma1.
HOTH thought candidates have to apply when the post is advertised, but not in Zim bro. Last week I told you that the Gumbakumba Club has invaded the councils and you thought I am hallucinating. Ndaitoziva madhiri acho chiparty chiya. Asi zvamanje manje mumastreets zviri kungonzi ngaapinde hake Teacher Bernard kkkkk
I heard they are saying he headed a very big school, was a president of several groupings of school heads in Zim, the SADC region and even beyond. Pakaipa apo. Regai tbudiire tingazara ropa hedu tisinei nezviri kuitika. Anyway, like always that is a story for another day.
Ko ndakanzwa iko kuDikita uku kwakaita chapwititi chaicho. Hanzi iye Proggy uyu wekugara ari musvo uya was caught red-handed pants down having a quality time with a Chaplin at the cop station. Her nudes are all over the place and every Tom, Jack and Harry who happens to own a smart phone has Proggy’s nudes. I thought the man of the cloth does not look at women with a canal eye. Izvo maiweeee zvakaoma vanoita kumwa nemuto chaiwo.
Hanzi Proggy runs a shop ipo paya padhuze nesikombusheni apo. Ko munhu anoda kugara asina kupfeka zvinobuda here vakomana. My favourite comedian, Dave Chappelle on one of his specials once said, if you meet someone in the street wearing a police uniform, you’ll immediately think he or she is a police officer, or meet someone wearing an attire with reggae colours, you’ll immediately think he or she is a Rastafarian. Anyone dressed in a khaki short, khaki shirt and farmer shoes makes you think he or she is a farmer.
The same can be said about those you meet in the street wearing skimpy clothing that exposes flesh, you will think they are hoes simply because that’s how hoes dress. Everyone is judged by the first impression. I wonder what I should say about Proggy because I heard her nudes are all over the social media.
So, on this particular day, I am told the Chaplin’s wife was out on another business and he decided to bring Proggy home. Asi chero ndimi munhu waMwari munoshumira nevasina kupfeka here? Hanzi hongu makatapirirwa henyu asi manga muchiziva here kuti muromo wacho imbavha chimunhu chenyu ichi. Munorohwa homwe mukasara musisina idzo nzungu dzenyu dziya.
After Proggy’s nudes were posted on social media the hubby who is based in SA bumped into the story and threatened to come over and beat the daylights out of the Chaplin. The guy who claims to be the hubby also claims that ndiye akavhurira Proggy semukadzi wake shop but now she is behaving waywardly.
Guys, I have to be blunt with you, avoid getting serious naProggy uyo. Munoda kumudii munhu singagoni kutorwa picture akapfeka? Muchero wemusango uyo varume. You also should do the same with any woman who posts pictures or videos exposing her body in a sexual way, like her bums, cleavage, or thighs.
Now Chaplin you have dragged your name into the mud. Everything is now topsy-turvy. If you lie down with the dogs you should not complain about the fleas. This woman who has no self-respect whatsoever of her body and has no shame at all has dragged you down with her. There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman without shame or has nothing to lose.
Imi zita renyu rasviba, the trust which your wife used to give you is gone. The family is almost broken. Your reputation at work, church and in the society is in tatters. What is left of you are those dirty pictures on social media. That woman is just for fun not for keeps. Always remember a night full of passion can give you a lifetime of hell. Enjoy your time with her and throw her back into the streets where she belongs.

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