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Cheating gunners fixes hubby

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Cheating gunners fixes hubby


It’s another end of week again and we are going to have another episode of our scintillating tell tales. Manje kwedu kumagumtree uko today I got up at 5 am, completed a ten kilometre run, came back and prepared some bacon, baked beans, half done eggs, veggies for breakfast. Regrettably I can’t remember the rest of the dream.

Nonetheless, it’s unfortunate that these days I am being reluctantly dragged into the politics of the day. I am not a politician, but the current settings in country are forcing me to divert to that discourse which seem inconsequential to most average thinking people, but has far reaching effects to their lives.

We need to install a new Operating System because we tried to boost the current one, but the Bhuu-bhuu-bhuu didn’t take us anywhere. Maybe, it’s because tinokumbira kuna Jehovah ivo vakagara zvavo mumumvuri unotonherera vachidziya mushana apa isu takazvimbirwa hedu nemuriwooo nemapotato, tichiita kombotisheni yekufa kuti tigopihwa mubairo.  

As a nation we need to do something about it, we can’t just sit back and watch these inept politicians jaywalking in our lives and locking us in the dungeons of abject poverty. I know a lot of youths who kill for a bottle of whiskey and some kill for few dollars; HOTH knows it will be all about the Benjamins, but remember Karma has everyone’s address even if you are homeless. 

Some people might be wondering what the Benjamins are. The phrase “the Benjamins” refer to a $100 bill in US currency. The face on the bill is that of Benjamin Franklin. So it is a way of saying that to some people think money is everything or money matters more than everything else. Anyway for today let’s leave this political instalment here.

However, People who tend to think HOTH will forget the shit they did to their partners should remember that there is no expiration date for disrespect and stupidity. Today I am going after gunners varipa Gweru apo. Yakadii Gwelo Pams? I am told she got married kune umwe mpfanha wepa Ghetto apo. 

You know the guy mhani. Ichi chiMandionerepi chiya. Kamuface kadiki ikako. The guy is short and small bodied, but that’s not a guarantee to mistreat him like what Kamburumbunde kaye kanonzi Pamela did to him. Kamburumbunde is a song by the late music icon Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi.

Those with a good ear for music must be familiar with the song. Kamburumbunde usangongwara pasina. Ihwo humburumbunde kungwara here kana kuti kungochenjeresa chiso…singing hangu. That song is pregnant with lyrical dexterity.  So this pea-brained bitch called Pams wakabva kuZimuto uko kwaNhamo with only two O’ levels and you thought because you have seen lights in town wangwara zvekudaro here?

HOTH heard that Pams met the guy who is a car dealer and disguised herself as some would want to describe as rural wife material. Izvo haiwavo she was just a gold digger. She only wanted him for what he had. I heard the innocent guy paid for all her education for her to get other subjects.

After attaining five O’ Levels she was attested that army department remuchadenga. Ma1 ese akabva atanga. Gunners wangwara manje at least according to herself. So she started magames ako Kamburumbunde kaye.

My brother at one stage decided to call it quits, but she descended on him with a tonne of apologies until he decided to give it another shot. Little did he know that if someone shows you his or her true colours don’t try to repaint them, Period!!! 

Brother Mandionerepi or Mandiitawepi whatever the name; should know that two people do not fall in love because they sleep in the same bed, but because they share the same dreams. So you were not supposed to go back to her because you could give some people a drop of water and they would still appreciate you, but you can give some people the entire ocean and they would still take you for granted and treat you like a piece of shit. 

When the guy got back he was tricked into selling his Mercedes Benz and the proceeds were used to open a pub. Ipo pedu paMusta apo, and started having an affair with this other cop wepacentral apo apo and the two connived vakamuitira peace order. No, no, no! Don’t laugh guys, because anyone who laughs at the storms of others, trust me yours is brewing.  

I think my brother should just remember that the art of being wise is knowing who to ignore, what to overlook, where to leave things, when to move on and why all this is necessary. https://masvingomirror.com

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