Zvishavane workers earn one quarter of town secretary’s airtime

ZVISHAVANE – There are shocking salary disparities at Zvishavane Town Council with the town secretary’s salary pegged at a whopping RTGS$787 419, 65 compared to the least paid worker who is currently earning RTGS$10 000.
Sources told The Mirror that the lowest paid worker is also earning a third of the town secretary’s monthly airtime which is US$200 compared to the lowest paid worker’s salary which is equivalent to US$71.
When the workers tried to protest against this anomaly, their leadership namely Pilot Mhuka who is the workers committee chairperson, Ekem Sibanda who is the vice chair and Trust Ncube who is the Vice secretary were sent on suspension by Mungororo Mazai who is acting town secretary with the Director of Finance George Jongoni suspending Mhuka as he works under his wing.
They were suspended on June 27, 2021 ahead of a meeting they were ordered to hold with management on June 29, 2021.
Mazai is acting town secretary because the top brass at council of Tinoda Mukutu (town secretary), Nhlanhla Ngwenya (Director of housing) and Dominic Mapwashike (Town Engineer) is on suspension facing corruption charges at Zvishavane Magistrates Court.
Salary rationalization has become a nagging problem at the local authority.
All heads of department except the town secretary get airtime of US$100 a month according to Resolution 110/2017.
“We have a self-serving management that only thinks of itself. The salary that the lowest paid employee gets cannot even pay rent. We have children to look after, school fees to pay and food to buy but we get about US$70 a month,” said a worker who requested not to be named for fear of victimization.

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