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Zupco bus overturns as it tries to overtake near Masvingo

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Zupco bus overturns as it tries to overtake near Masvingo



MASVINGO – A Zupco bus overturned near Mushagashe in Masvingo this morning when the driver tried to overtake a small vehicle that was also trying to overtake another bus.
The small vehicle occupants were luck to survive the ordeal as they became sandwiched between the two busses racing in road lanes meant for just two vehicles.
The bus that was being overtaken is Inter-Africa, The Mirror was told.

The Mirror is informed that there were no serious injuries and passengers were rushed to Masvingo Provincial Hospital.
Masvingo Police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident to The Mirror.

The Mirror is told that the busses were racing for passengers at Mushagashe.
Zupco Masvingo manager Ezekiel Mazarira had gone to the scene of the accident when The Mirror sought a comment from him.

“The Zupco bus driver was speeding and he tried to overtake at the same time the small vehicle was also attempting to overtake the Inter Africa bus,” said the source.
The small vehicle did not stop after the accident occurred.


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