Zunde raMambo fields run fallow for years

Chief Mutekedza

Nyasha Musambasi

Chikomba – The Zunde Ramambo projects started by Government years back with the aim of assisting the elderly and orphans with food have collapsed and fields earmarked for the purpose have been fallow for many years now, Chief Mutekedza has said.

Under Zunde Ramambo, chiefs throughout the country were allocated fields where they grew maize and other crops and the harvests were used to feed the disadvantaged in their areas.

The chiefs were assisted with seed, fertilizer and other inputs by Government and private companies.

Addressing 75 village heads and Government workers from several departments at Masasa Primary on Friday last week, Chief Mutekedza appealed for the revival of Zunde Ramambo saying that the critical role of the programme cannot be overlooked considering the starvation that stares many disadvantaged families in the face this year.

“As traditional leaders we should consider the revival of Zunde raMambo which used to serve our communities in situations like these. Village heads must come up with plans on the revival,” said Chief Mutekedza.

He said that Zunde Ramambo fields have turned into bushes and forests because there have been no farming activities for years.

Ward 17 Councillor, Israel Dhikinya pledged 50kg maize seed, 2 bags Compound D and 3 bags AN fertilizer towards the revival of the scheme.https://masvingomirror.com

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