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ZUCPO now a love fantasy place

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ZUCPO now a love fantasy place


Every man has a place in his heart, there’s a space, and the world can’t erase his fantasies. Take a ride in the sky. On our ship, fantasia. All your dreams will come true right away, and we will live together.
Every thought is a dream rushing by in a stream bringing life to the kingdom of doing. Take a ride in the sky. On our ship, fantasia. All your dreams will come true miles away. Come to see victory. In the land called fantasy. Loving life, a new degree…I am free. Yes, I’m free. Now, I’m on my way…singing hangu.
Those who have an ear for music or those who are into heavy Metal Rock have already picked up the lyrics of a song by Earth, Wind & Fire entitled ‘Fantasy Place’. I always tell you that HOTH knows music even though he spends most of his time in the wilderness but you didn’t believe me. See. I have an idea.
Well, this time we are not riding on a ship, but on a bus. We are lucky that the buses are not ‘chicken buses’. Aya mabhazi akapera nguva yaDr Amai. Now we have new friends from the East though they are hoodwinking us they remain our friends. But vasadaro so apa takavapa munda wese uya.
Anyway, life goes on. They are helping us with buses, but the problem remains with us because we are failing to implement our monopoly policy. As usual we never did our feasibility studies before implementation. Izvo zvemonopoly zviriko here in a democratic country?
HOTH is reliably informed that ipo pazpuco ndopari kubvira these days. There is a scandal after scandal from the captain to his crew. Nhaka zvangu I have forgotten that I am not talking about ships but buses. So it’s manager, inspectors, drivers and conductors. But I heard that the air at the harbor; no I mean the air at the depot is filled with love.
Love is a beautiful thing because vana Petso met the love of life at the depot. I am told everyone is now waiting for a wedding. Hanzi nevamwe kuti vakasaroorana vanhu ivavo anenge arimashura chaiwo. Someone told HOTH that the two love birds are a perfect match. The couple is now the talk of the Masvingo.
Who doesn’t know our inspector uyuzve Sibhanda, Sivanda or Chivanda and that girl in the cash office ivo Queen Bee or Sandy? Someone told me that that vakoma ivavo vanotsenga mvura ikabuda masese havo ivavo. Zpuco is now a meeting place for all love birds.
Well, falling in love with the boss comes with some benefits. I am told that Cde Chivanda had to remove his lover from the vultures on the road so that she cannot be constantly audited by others when cashing in. The manager is said to be aware of the relation and has blessed it. That’s why everybody is said to be expecting a wedding paZpuco.
HOTH is told that love is always in the air at our local. On the other hand, ko iko kashamwari kaChivanda aka Learn anotozikanwa hake nembiri yake yelove. Hanzi kane mkadzi inspector futi. Inspector nainspector kufaya murudo ,hanzi mukadzi wacho kuchengera murume kuzoda kugwa nemaconductor anouya pamurume wake iiiiiii maV 11 achauya zvavo. Ko murume murume ka anotonyenga ko haanyengi here .Regai tisiye zvakadaro izvi rudo.

Then there is this other girl who is a conductor kane zidumbu kakambodanana nemadriver now she is dating men at the office. That small secret sock, I mean she is so short. Eish!!! I always say the word short is rude. The correct phrase is that she has a drop suspension. I am sure you all know her ichi chemabush locks mumusoro. I heard God did not devote much time when he was molding her face and body, so she is not endowed with beauty. That’s a bit polite.
Asi moyo unomera paunoda love is burning at the office. Hanzi problem yacho ichi muromo panze wena. Iko kumaoffice uko love yatotsva rough muzcpo hanzi hapana asina wake. If you have listened to Ernest Tanga Wekwa Sando you will understand what I mean.

These are some of the snippets from our Masvingo harbor or depot. Love irikutopisa but HOTH is happy that no one has approached him so far nenyaya dzekumitisana kukana vamwe vachironga michato idzi.

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