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ZSA holds sugar industry seminar

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ZSA holds sugar industry seminar


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CHIREDZI – The Zimbabwe Sugar Association (ZSA) held its twenty-eighth edition of the Zimbabwe Sugar Industry seminar last Thursday at Triangle Country Club.
Various sugar industry stakeholders such as Tongaat Hulett Zimbabwe (THZ), Greenfuel, Zimbabwe Sugar Sales (ZSS), National Competitiveness Commission (NCC), and farmers attended the conference.
The seminar ran under the theme: Holistic Approaches to Managing Recurring Challenges Affecting the Sugar Industry.
NCC chief economist Douglas Muzimba was the guest of honour. He called on stakeholders to jointly identify, contemplate and address gaps facing the sugar industry.
“I believe this theme will allow all stakeholders including the Government, farmers, millers, utility service providers, financial institutions, transportation and end users to jointly identify, contemplate and address gaps facing the sugar industry,” said Muzimba.
The seminar had presentations from The Zimbabwe Sugarcane Association Experiment Station (ZSAES), ZSA, Greenfuel, THZ and sugarcane farmers on how to curb challenges affecting the sugar industry.
ZSAES Director, Dr Audrey Mabveni said research should highlight the critical importance of sustainable farming practices.
The seminar is a platform for experts, researchers and industry leaders to share insights, innovations and strategies that can guide us towards a more resilient and sustainable sugar sector.
“The research presented here not only showcased the potential for yield improvement but also highlighted the critical importance of sustainable farming practices, resource management and market diversification,” she said.
The sugar industry is facing a myriad of challenges such as erratic water supply and conveyance, high labour and input costs, unstable local currency, low sugar prices on the international market and competition from regional suppliers.
ZSAES Plant Breeder Dr Leo Thokoza urged farmers to improve their yields by planting new seeds introduced by ZSEAS. Eight of the 19 new seed varieties are available to farmers.

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