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ZRP diver goes missing at Chilonga today

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ZRP diver goes missing at Chilonga today


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Mirror Reporter

CHIREDZI – It can be another tragic day again today at Chilonga River Bridge in Chiredzi!

A Police sub-aqua unit diver is said to have disappeared this morning while looking for the body of a toddler who went missing on Monday. The toddler and two adults disappeared after a Toyota Hillux they were travelling in was swept away by floods at the bridge.

The bodies of the two adults have since been recovered.

A source that contacted The Mirror said the diver went into the water at around 11am today and was still missing at 3pm raising fears that something tragic could have happened.

If the worst happens, the officer becomes the fourth person to die at the bridge since Monday and the fifth in three weeks. Many stakeholders have been calling on Government to construct a proper bridge across Runde, which is one of the biggest rivers in the country.

Masvingo Provincial Police Spokesperson Kudakwashe Dhewa said he had not received any report from Chilonga. Chilonga villagers at the scene however, related the incident to The Mirror.

“Yes I am at the scene and it’s now four hours but the diver is nowhere to be seen,” said one villager.

The Mirror is informed that six members of the sub aqua team were conducting searches for the missing child when the one missing went into the water at around 11 am and has not been seen since then.

Villagers said that the sub aqua team was now frantically looking for their colleague.

Villagers said the situation at Chilonga has turned spiritual.

Chief Chilonga whose real name is John Beni said there is need for a traditional ceremony to be carried out at Chilonga Bridge.

“This is not natural anymore. Yes, we used to have disasters but this is now out of the norm. It is high time we do some traditional ceremony and see what is actually taking place,” said Chief Chilonga.

Chilonga said the sub aqua team must respect tradition and consult him as the chief of the area before they start their work.https://masvingomirror.com


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