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ZNA raises concern over media lies

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ZNA raises concern over media lies


THE Zimbabwe National Army is worried about continuous publication of falsehoods and damaging statements and yesterday dealt with a story saying a soldier had been charged with shoplifting when in fact the man was a bogus soldier who had never been in the military.

The story on Wednesday last week in NewsDay was headlined, “Soldier up for shoplifting’’.

ZNA director public relations, Colonel Alphios Makotore, yesterday reminded journalists to always verify facts before going to print and said his office and the Zimbabwe Military Police were available for checks.

Col Makotore said in their story, the publication lied that Sihlazuluking Ndashata, aged 32, was a serving member of the ZNA.

“The Zimbabwe National Army would like to put it on record that Sihlazuluking Ndashata is a bogus soldier. The ZNA further reiterates that Sihlazuluking Ndashata is not and has never been a member of the Zimbabwe National Army. He masquerades as a soldier committing crimes,” he said.

Col Makotore said military police investigations have since established that Ndashata is a typical con-artist who has other pending cases where he allegedly stole service uniforms from his cousin, Redeemed Ndashata, a member of the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services stationed at Whawha Prison.

Sihlazuluking Ndashata abused his brother’s uniforms, committing crimes posing as a ZPCS officer.

Col Makotore said Ndashata should be charged for impersonation.

“The army is very much concerned by these continued false assertions that Ndashata is a soldier.

“If at all these claims are coming from him, then he is a typical case of a bogus person masquerading as a member of the ZNA committing crimes. He must also be charged for impersonation.” Herald.

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