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Zimuto girl appeals for US$ 500 for leg amputation

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Zimuto girl appeals for US$ 500 for leg amputation



MASVINGO- A 16-year-old Zimuto girl is appealing for US$ 500 to undergo an emergency knee amputation surgery at Masvingo General Hospital next week.
Perseverance Marashauta of Gwati Village in Zimuto is suffering from a non -healing chronic right foot ulcer. The ulcer is under her foot and has eaten the flesh away leaving her bone visible.
The Mirror visited her at Masvingo General Hospital where she has been admitted for the past month.
The opening discharges fluid and a foul odour and the leg has now turned blackish. She has lost weight and cannot walk.
Perseverance’s theatre bill will be covered by the department of Social Welfare.
The US$ 500 is needed to buy drugs and sundries for the operation and other expenses including food.
Her mother Judith Matsilele survives on piece jobs and cannot foot the bill.
The drugs and sundries required for the amputation are; five sterile abdominal swabs, 14 ceftnaxone injections, 21 metronidazole injections, 6 litres ringer lactate, 10 surgical gloves, crepe bandages 20x 100 mm, 2 packs gauze swabs, 2 Suture 2/0 nylon (45mm), 2 Suture IPDS, 2 Suture 2 Vicryl and 14 indomethacin supp.
Matsilele who is a widow told The Mirror that Perseverance was enrolled at Chilonga Secondary School in Chiredzi and last attended school in 2020 when she was in form one.
“My child is supposed to undergo an emergency knee amputation next week at Masvingo General Hospital. I am appealing for financial assistance to buy drugs for the amputation. I survive on piece jobs and I look after my two other children and other dependants,” said Matsilele.
She also said that Perseverance’s problem started on her big toe in 2018. It then developed crumbs and was treated at a hospital in Chiredzi.
After treatment, two of her middle toes developed a similar problem which was treated before the infection spread to underneath her foot.
Those who wish to assist Perseverance can contact her mother on 0777 601 575 or The Mirror helpline on 0775 691 380/ 0719 280 534.

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