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Zimuto cop fined for assaulting wife over US$ 800

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Zimuto cop fined for assaulting wife over US$ 800


Trymore Tagwirei


MASVINGO-Magistrate Conceptor Ngwerume has sentenced Joshua Mukaikai (36), a Police officer to a month in jail after he assaulted and injured his wife for allegedly recklessly spending US$ 800.

Magistrate Ngwerume commuted the sentence to a US$32 fine.

Mukaikai who is stationed at Zimuto Camp, Masvingo assaulted his wife Tabeth Dube after she allegedly used the money. Dube allegedly used the money without Mukaikai’s knowledge and failed to account for it when she was asked.

The incident happened on February 21, 2023 and Mukaikai faced domestic violence and assault charges. He pleaded guilty to the charges and showed remorse.

The court heard that Mukaikai had a misunderstanding with Dube after he discovered that the US$ 800 was missing. He asked Dube who admitted  taking and using the money. She however failed to explain how she used it. Mukaikai was allegedly angered by Dube’s failure to account for how she used the money. He then assaulted her with open hands several times on the face and later assaulted her using a belt. Dube sustaine

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