Zimuto artist drops Gospel dancehall single


MASVINGO – A 24-year-old Reggae Dancehall artist, Leonard Jere aka Corptahn from Zimuto Siding under Chief Zimuto who is currently based in South Africa, dropped a new gospel single titled Mwari wangu last week.

Jere’s new song is meant to stress the importance of having good relations with God. The song comes at a time when the world is hit by a deadly virus which has claimed millions of lives since last year.

In an interview with The Mirror, Jere said that he hopes that people can repent after listening to the song.

“The single that I dropped suggests that without God we are all nothing and useless. We can not do anything without God, therefore, we should repent in order to mend our relationship with Him,” said Jere.

Mwari wangu was written in Shona in order to express his message to listeners and fans.

The single was produced by Dj Kellz born Kelvin Kaguvi of Big Eye Entertainment studio in Harare.

Corptahn started recording in 2014 and he has done over 20 singles with two hit songs, Amai and Vechidiki that have topped Hevoi FM top 20.

In an interview, he appreciated Memory Forichi for offering him transport to studios for recording and half of the new project’s expenses.

Jere who is the first in a family of three takes music as his full time carrier hoping to earn more from it in the long run.

Jere promised his fans more positive music, albums and collaborations next year.

The Official visualizer can be found on Corptahn Music Youtube channel. https://masvingomirror.com

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