ZIMRA urged to improve corporate communications

Mirror reporter 

Masvingo Business Expo โ€“ Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) representatives have castigated ZIMRA for alleged ineffective corporate communications.

Speaking at Masvingo Business Expo running at the Flamboyant Hotel from November 17 to 18, a representative said small business players have little information about ZIMRA and the situation is worse in rural areas.

They said the lack of knowledge about ZIMRA is bad to the extent that many do not know the reason or importance of the organisationโ€™s existence.

โ€œZIMRA must improve its corporate communications by putting informative articles in the Press as well as visiting growth points and remote rural areas to conscientize them on ZIMRA services.

 โ€œMost of us the small scale to medium enterprises do not know much about Zimra. Zimra never interacts or hold workshops with us and we only see them when they come to get money from us.

โ€œBecause of our little knowledge about ZIMRA, many of our members fall victim to fraudsters particularly at the borders. We demand that ZIMRA up its game.

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