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Zimbabwe Socio-Economic Democrats leader arrested for breaching level 2 Covid-19 regulations


Zimbabwe Socio-Economic Democrats leader arrested for breaching level 2 Covid-19 regulations



GWERU- Barely a day after the National Lockdown review by acting Minister of Health and Child Care Prof Amon Murwira ,the leader of Zimbabwe Socio-Economic Democrats Nkosikhona Ndlovu who is also the 2023  Presidential aspirant has been arrested at Mtapa Hall for contravening the Covid-19 regulations through hosting more than hundred people during the party launch on Saturday afternoon. 

In an interview with The Mirror the party’s  spokesperson who revealed his name as Melusi Ntando expressed discondiment about the development which he said was not fair as some political parties are holding the same gatherings without police interference. 

“We are concerned as the the party that other organizations are holding the same gatherings for example Khupe  who gathered more than 1000 people two weeks ago but no one was arrested.

“A few weeks ago President Mnangagwa gathered a large number disbursing 700 cattle to young people in Kwekwe and no one was arrested,”he  said. 

Ntando however called for fairness in political gathering treatment as political parties are moving a gear up for  the 2023  campaign. 

“All we desire as ZSD ,can the playing ground be fair and can we be treated also like people desired to come through to change activities around the councils to improve service delivery  and even to participate in the Presidential elections,”he said.

The ruling party ,Zanu-PF has been holding rallies across the country gathering large numbers in the face of the deadly Covid-19 epidemic. 

Midlands Provincial Police Spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko could not be reached for a comment as his mobile number was not reachable.


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