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Zimbabwe Gender Commission opens Masvingo offices

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Zimbabwe Gender Commission opens Masvingo offices



MASVINGO – The Zimbabwe Gender Commission (ZGC) is on a decentralisation programme and on Wednesday senior staffers were in Masvingo to inform stakeholders of their new offices.
The Masvingo offices opened doors in January this year and they are located at the Main Post Office.
As part of informing stakeholders, ZGC management met Secretary for Masvingo Province and Devolution, Dr Addmore Pazvakavambwa.
Before the decentralisation, ZGC had offices in Harare and it has now moved to Bulawayo, Gweru, Masvingo, Mutare and Mash West.
Pazvakavambwa said gender issues are imperative in communities.
He said statistics from the 2022 Population Census are frightening and of particular concern to him is the number of women who die while giving birth and girls who drop out from school especially at secondary level.
“Some statistics results of the 2022 Population Census with regards to gender are frightening and shocking. I was shocked by the number of women who die while giving birth and the dropouts by the girl child at primary and secondary school levels. We have a lot of work to do together with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal on Gender Equality,” said Pazvakavambwa.
Commission chairperson, Commissioner Margaret Sangarwe-Mukahanana said they saw it prudent to notify the Minister of State and introduce the staff members who will be working in Masvingo.
“We saw it prudent to come to your office and inform you about ZGC’s presence in the city and introduce staff that will be based here. The issue of gender is very topical. Since the establishment of the ZGC in 2015, we were based in Harare. We had limited presence in Bulawayo and now Government has approved that we decentralise in the spirit of devolution. We have been allowed to decentralise to five provinces which are Masvingo, Manicaland, Mash West, Bulawayo and Midlands. We are now present in these provinces and we are excited about the development,” said Sangarwe.
ZGC operates with programs that include governance and administration, finance, administration and human resources, gender equality promotion, legal services and investigations.
ZGC Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Virginia Muwanigwa said the Commission is mirroring the key programs in its operations.
The Director, Programmes, Caroline Matizha said the unit’s major responsibility is to monitor compliance with gender equality provisions and the international unit of framework of gender.
“On gender equality promotion, the unit’s major responsibility is to monitor compliance with gender equality provisions and other international unit of framework on gender. We monitor both Government and private sector. For Government we do gender audits to get to know how different Government Ministries are mainstreaming gender in their programs, policies and projects.
“Since we are now devolved, the selected ministries will be audited at provincial level. In the private sector, we have developed an M&E framework with indicators which cover different sectors of the economy.
“We also conduct research into issues relating to gender and social justice mainly for the purpose of informing legal and policy reforms. We also issue advisory notes and various statements for government to address. One of our major functions is to increase awareness on gender issues. We also have community dialogues on different pertinent issues,” said Matizha.
The Director of Legal, Complaints handling and Investigations, Letticia Fadzai Moyo said they are mandated by the constitution to investigate possible violations of rights relating to gender.
“We are also mandated to receive and consider complaints from the public and to take action in regard to the complaints as it considers appropriate. We recommend prosecution for criminal violations of rights relating to gender. We also secure appropriate redress where rights relating to gender have been violated,” she said.

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