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Zimbabwe Agricultural Show kicks off tomorrow

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Zimbabwe Agricultural Show kicks off tomorrow


Ellen Mlambo

HARARE- The Zimbabwe Agricultural Show (ZAS), the country’s biggest local trade showcase kicks off at the Harare Showgrounds tomorrow with 489 exhibitors registering to participate in the week-long event.

The ZAS spokesperson Tawonga Miriyoni confirmed the development to the Mirror in a telephone interview.

He said the number of exhibitors is going to increase as more are still paying up.

The show which will be held from August 28 to September 2 will be run under the theme Sustained growth; Adaptation. Productivity. Linkages.

” To date 489 exhibitors have been invoiced and paid to exhibit but the number is going increase because people are still paying up,” he said

He added that they expect a rise in attendance of 200 000 people from last year’s 175 000 people.

Miriyoni said they will advise on the guest of honor and the official opening day.

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