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Zim rising above present challenges

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Zim rising above present challenges


ZIMBABWE is rising above trials and tribulations caused by global shifts, climate change and effects of illegal sanctions with the onus now on every Zimbabwean to emulate the legacy of the country’s war heroes who sacrificed for the Independence and subsequent development of the nation, President Mnangagwa has said.

Addressing thousands of people who thronged the National Heroes Acre to witness the burial of Major-General (Retired) Sikhulile Simpson Nyathi, whose nom de guerre was Cde Lost, President Mnangagwa said the nation must take a leaf from its liberators who overcame the racist Ian Smith regime and freed the country from colonial bondage.

“The nation, and in particular our young, people must, therefore, emulate the spirit of supreme sacrifice and play a vanguard role in scaling up and accelerating efforts towards building a prosperous and united Zimbabwe, from Zambezi to Limpopo and from Plumtree to Mutare.”

The President’s call comes as some in the opposition have been ignorantly craving the return of the racist Smith regime that killed and maimed thousands of Africans during the liberation struggle including indiscriminately bombing civilian camps.

War veterans like the late Maj-Gen (Rtd) Nyathi overcame the brutish and apartheid colonial government through sheer determination, fuelled by patriotism that saw many dropping out of school to help liberate the country.

Such heroic works should be emulated by the whole country, especially young people, as the nation pulls towards Vision 2030 to become an upper-middle-class economy anchored by the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1), the economic blueprint that has spurred growth across all economic sectors, specifically propelled by rapid re- industrialisation, modernisation through various infrastructural development projects and also recoveries in the mining and agricultural sectors.

“His life provides the unfolding experiences and episodes that we as Zimbabweans should always learn from and embrace. He bequeaths to us an indelible lesson and mark in our country’s history that it takes unity, supreme sacrifice, patriotism, loyalty and dedication to free and build a strong nation.

“It is through these virtues and values of our national character that we continue to consolidate our Independence and use our land, among other natural resource endowments, to advance our quest to become masters of our own destiny.”

In the wake of price hikes that have been fuelled, partly by the Ukraine/Russian conflict, speculative tendencies among the country’s business community, and the two-decade-long bane of illegal sanctions, the President said the nation will remain resolute, buoyed by the spirit of commitment towards a goal as embodied by its liberators.

“We are rising beyond the trials and tribulations of the current global shifts, illegal economic sanctions imposed on us, effects of climate change and now Covid-19. The spirit of commitment to our country and hard work that runs through the life of our heroes and heroines such as Major-General (Rtd) Nyathi should galvanise us to work for the prosperity of Zimbabwe.”

“This is more pertinent and urgent as the National Development Strategy lays the sound roadmap for the accelerated attainment of an upper-middle-income society status by 2030. I, therefore, challenge Zimbabweans at home and abroad, and every stakeholder to be part of this roadmap so as to modernise, industrialise and grow our economy.”

Towards the attainment of that Vision, President Mnangagwa, whose Government has already fined 12 banks for illicit financial dealings, assured the nation that his administration is seized with putting in place mechanisms that will smoke out speculative and unethical business practices as that weighs down the country’s positive growth trajectory.

“My Government is seized with the implementation of mechanisms to rein in the current increases in prices. In this regard, I exhort business and other stakeholders across various sectors of the economy to assume a strong sense of national responsibility, and commit to the overall realisation of sustainable socio-economic development and improved quality of life of our people.”

Vice President Chiwenga, Defence and War Veterans Minister Oppah Muchinguri- Kashiri, Government ministers and senior Government officials attended the interment of the late national hero at the national shrine.

In his address, the President saluted the country’s security sector for steadfastly defending the country’s sovereignty and peace as he extorted opposition parties and members of civic society to refrain from violent tendencies.

“Major General (Rtd) Nyathi fought for the establishment of a Government from the people, for the people and by the people. Through devolution and decentralisation and informed by our development philosophy, ‘Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo’, my Government is leaving no one and no place behind,” he said.

Walking the talk on development, President Mnangagwa has rolled out several development projects that have transformed communities in the form of roads, dams, clinics, schools and registry offices.

To safeguard the gains of the liberation struggle that have among other things resulted in Zimbabweans enjoying the fruits of liberation with no bottlenecks, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabweans should, next year, go out in their numbers and vote for Zanu PF.

“We should, therefore, honour and remember the sacrifices of our dear departed distinguished sons and daughters of the soil by defending the gains of independence and development by voting for Zanu PF during the 2023 Harmonised General Elections.

“Furthermore, I call upon all Zimbabweans, civil society organisations and political parties to conduct themselves in a peaceful and non-violent manner. Violence must never be allowed in all our interactions.”

President Mnangagwa yet again emphasised the importance of unity among Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation.

Presently, the country is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, but its detractors, who will never forgive the Zanu PF Government for the land reform programme that redressed colonial land inequities, have been desperately casting aspersions on the Second Republic and in some cases hijacking domestic violence cases or cases that are still under police investigation to score cheap political goals especially ahead of the Commonwealth meeting that is set to be held in Rwanda this month.

This has become the modus operandi of the opposition ahead of key international events, with the goal being to sully the country’s image on the global scene.

Just reminding the nation of how the Ian Smith regime shut the door on more than 7 million blacks, parking them in Tribal Trust Lands and collecting taxes such as Hut and Cattle tax, the President said during the burial of Maj-Gen (Rtd) Nyathi, that “the repressive system put in place by the minority white settler regime led by Ian Smith frustrated Africans in all facets of life, especially the youth, through bottlenecks that created privileges for the white settlers”.

“This system, which disempowered and treated the black majority as second class citizens, made us mere slave labourers in our country of birth. This drove many of our brave and courageous young Zimbabweans to leave the country to join the protracted armed struggle and fight for independence.”

While comrades like Maj Gen (Rtd) Nyathi had to overcome barriers erected by the racist colonial system, today’s youth have been given a carte blanche by the governing party Zanu PF to showcase their talents, through the establishment of innovation hubs and industrial parks.

Yet again the President reiterated his call for sobriety among the business community as he yet again promised Zimbabweans that his administration will not leave them at the mercy of speculative businesses.

This is a holistic call that finds resonance in the President’s philosophy “Nyika Inovakwa nevene vayo” and that everyone should be on board if the collective national interests and aspirations are to be realised just as was the case when young boys and girls picked up arms to fight the Western-backed Ian Smith government that had superior ammunition but was defeated by the likes of Maj Gen (Rtd) Nyathi who were undeterred by the setbacks they faced. Herald

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