Zim Dr who died in USA boat accident buried

By Matthew Takaona

Dewure Gutu – Acclaimed scholar and medical doctor, Privilege Mudiwa Munyikwa (57) who died in a tragic boat accident in the United States of America on July 26, 2020 was buried at the family farm in Masema, Dewure in Gutu on Tuesday morning.

Munyikwa who drowned in a fishing mishap was buried in the absence of his wife Preachess nee Vella, also a medical doctor and two children who could not travel from the USA to attend the funeral because of Covid-19 global travel restrictions.

There were about 200 mourners at the funeral which was marked by the absence of his siblings, many of his relatives, close friends, workmates, and former school mates due to the pandemic.

Mourners who gave speeches described Munyikwa as a scholar of note, a respected, compassionate medical doctor and a humble family man.

His academic prowess became pronounced beginning at Fletcher High School in Gweru where he was the most outstanding A level student in 1982 and won a scholarship to Cambridge University. He returned from Cambridge and pursued a medical degree at the University of Zimbabwe before returning overseas to specialise in various areas of his chosen profession.

He settled in Delaware in the USA where he worked at Bebee Healthcare.
Munyikwa was held in high esteem by former Fletcher students. Mthuli Ncube, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development who was in the same stream with him described Munyikwa as a gentleman and a brilliant scholar.

Henry Maindidze, a Fletcher Old Students Association (FOSA) executive member who was instrumental in organising the return of the body back home said it was Munyikwa’s wish to be buried alongside his father, Eliah Chirango Munyikwa at the family farm hence the hustle to bring back the body under Covid-19.
The father was once a school head at Gutu High.

The death is the second in the family in five years following the passing on of Munyikwa’s younger brother Eliah (Junior), another brilliant academic who was also a medical doctor in the USA.

Munyikwa’s uncle, Professor Rangarirai Zinyemba told mourners that the late died at the end of a fishing expedition along the coast of the Atlantic. He was using his boat in the company of his wife when near the shore his fishing line got entangled and Munyikwa decided to jump out of the boat and disentangle it.

“He underestimated the depth of the water and there was an undercurrent that swept him away. He was rescued by men in another boat but he had taken in too much water and the water was still too cold just at the end of winter,” said Professor Zinyemba.

Munyikwa was taken to Bebee Healthcare where he died.

He is survived by his wife Preachess, his daughters Michelle and Zanele (Tanya) and his mother Eneah.
His surviving siblings are Kennedy and Emmanuel and sisters Patience Nyemba and Loneliness De Souza. https://masvingomirror.com

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