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Zim crime decreases 13. 7%

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Zim crime decreases 13. 7%



GWERU – Crime has generally reduced by 13.7 % from the first quarter of 2023 as compared to the second quarter, The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) has said.
The report is based on cases recorded by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services (ZPCS).
The ZimStat report also states that prison population has drastically reduced.
Crime fell by 28 269 cases from 206 300 from January to March 2023 to 178 031 from April to June in the same year. This marks a 13. 7% decrease.
During the same period, crime rate was 1 359.1 per 100 000 population for the first quarter and 1172.9 per 100 000 population in the second quarter.
“The statistics on levels and trends of crime in Zimbabwe are based on Police – recorded crime data. Recorded crime figures exclude crimes that have not been reported to the Police, “reads part of the report.
The most committed crimes were non – injurious traffic violations that accounted for 56 490 offences. Theft is the second most committed crime with 35 295 cases.
A total of 10 268 burglaries and 3 148 sexual violence offences were committed during the same period.
Prisoner population decreased from 12 558 in the first quarter to 11 930 during the second quarter. Of the 11 930 inmates admitted during the second quarter of the year, 11 072 (92.8 %) are males while 858 (7.2 %) are females.

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