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Zimʼs Smart Technology approach gets thumbs up

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Zimʼs Smart Technology approach gets thumbs up


THE Second Republicʼs Smart Technology approach to economic transformation has received thumbs up from African states who have called for replication of the strategy across the continent.

After assuming power, the Second Republic under President Mnangagwa adopted deliberate engagement and reengagement policies, as well as a digital economic transformation agenda hinged on the development of information communication technologies, which is key in the implementation of the

National Development Strategy 1.

The digital economic agenda was quickly picked by the continentʼs Smart Africa Alliance (SAA) which gave

Zimbabwe the mandate to lead smart agriculture through a blueprint called Agritech.

ICT, Postal and Courier Services Deputy Minister Dingumuzi Phuti said when SAA decided that Transform Africa Summit (TAS) be held outside Rwanda for the first time, Zimbabwe made a bid to host the event together with Congo and Mauritania.

“SAA sent a delegation to assess Zimbabweʼs readiness to host the event and they were satisfied with the work the Government has done in the digital transformation agenda particularly focusing on agriculture which resulted in the two other bidders supporting our bid,” he said.

The summit was attended by five heads of State last week, including 44 ministers and 4 000 delegates from

91 countries.

In an interview after the closing ceremony of TAS, Rwanda ICT and Innovation Minister Paula Ingabire said holding the event in Zimbabwe was not a mistake as the country had benchmarked a lot of initiatives that can be replicated in the region.

“It was really exciting that it came to Zimbabwe which is championing e-agriculture using technology to transform agriculture in Africa. With more than 70 percent of the African population relying on agriculture,

we should draw from Zimbabweʼs digital agriculture and replicate these policies across the continent,” she said.

Minister Ingabire said the country had leapfrogged its agriculture sector and the Agritech blueprint that it developed is being shared in many countries as a proven approach to sustainable food security.

Deputy Minister Phuti said the country was doing very well in its policies that had appealed to many other countries.

“Zimbabwe is in charge of a blueprint called Agritech and we are proud to say we have been given an accolade for what we have done so far and that is the pillar we have gotten from President Mnangagwa to say we should be food sufficient and export,” he said.

“We should thus continue to accelerate in terms of performance. TAS set the agenda for collaboration and the need for partnerships by member states and partners towards building the Africa we want agenda as well as meeting various Sustainable Development Goals.” Herald

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