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ZIFA to resolve Mucheke Stadium dispute

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ZIFA to resolve Mucheke Stadium dispute


Ebenezer Pazorora

The Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) has been forced to hastily convene a meeting to resolve a protracted disputed over the use of Mucheke Stadium between Masvingo United FC (Una Una) and FC Wangu Mazodze (Kingdom boys).
Both teams have been using Mucheke Stadium as their home ground for their home games to participate in the ZIFA division one Eastern Region Soccer League (ERSL) before the mid-term break.
In an interview with the Mirror Sport ZIFA ERSL vice chairperson Wisdom Simba confirmed the impasse but went on to say that the country has a shortage of stadiums and some teams have to share.

“Yes, I can confirm that there are some misunderstandings over the use of the stadium, but we are in the process of negotiating with the Masvingo city council over the issue of the stadium. It’s premature to tell you the outcome because negotiations are still taking place. If the negotiations fail I will still communicate with you and give you an update.
“When the teams have a misunderstanding, we intervene to stop the battle and bring harmony between the warring teams. Our aim is to create a friendly environment for teams to play football in harmony,” said Simba.

A dispute has arisen after FC Wangu Mazodze started booking the stadium for more than one game which ended in the two clubs clashing over the use of the stadium. Una Una was left with no choice but to play Saturday games although it wanted to play Sunday games. This led to the misunderstanding between the two teams.
Initially, it was Una Una which registered Mucheke Stadium as its home ground before the existence of FC Wangu Mazodze. When FC Wangu Mazodze joined the ERSL Division 1 it registered Renco Mine stadium as its home ground. FC Wangu Mazodze later made a U-turn and requested ZIFA officials to change its home ground to Mucheke Stadium and ZIFA granted the request.

Newly-appointed FC Wangu Mazodze spokesperson Sukhuboluhle Ndlovu admitted to the Mirror Sport that her team initially booked Mucheke stadium for three matches, but later cancelled them. She went on to say FC Wangu Mazodze use Mucheke Stadium and professed ignorance that the team once registered Renco mine Stadium as its home ground.

“We hope ZIFA will set different match games so they that the teams won’t clash over the use of the stadium. We have a shortage of stadiums so two teams can use the same stadium as their home ground. Teams are allowed to use the same stadium due to a shortage of stadiums in Zimbabwe,” said Ndlovu.
Una Una have played 16 games and sits on position four on the log with eight wins, four draws and four defeats and has 28 points so far. However The Kingdom boys sits nine on the log after playing 16 games with five wins, five draws and six defeats and has amassed 20 points so far.https://masvingomirror.com

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