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ZIFA highjacks man of the match awards

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ZIFA highjacks man of the match awards


‘Board is desperate to save face’


MASVINGO – The ZIFA Eastern Region board highjacked weekly and monthly awards done by the region’s aspiring chairperson, Rtd Major Special Matarirano and failed to pay winners over the weekend.
Matarirano was holding Man of the Match awards that saw nine players taking home US$20 prize money every match day. Player, coach and referee of the month winners received US$50.
The region’s board led by incumbent chairperson Davison Muchena wrote to clubs on June 9, 2024, advising them man of the match winners’ names should be submitted to the region’s office.
“From this coming week, each team should select man of the match from their side and submit it to the match commissioner at the end of every match. For the coach of the month, the one who has won many matches during that month will automatically win,” reads part of the memo.
Region’s vice chairperson, Wisdom Simba said anyone who intends to hold awards should partner the board. He added that they are holding monthly awards.
“I will set the record straight. Anyone who wants to hold awards should partner the board. We do organised things here. We are having monthly awards and the best players will be awarded at the end of the month, ours are not weekly awards,” he said.
Matarirano said the board lacks integrity and transparency and his camp is open to partnering the board if they are allowed to administer the awards.
“The board lacks transparency and integrity. We are open to partnering the board if it plays an overall role and does not interfere with the selection processes and handling the finances,” he said.
Team managers who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity said the move by the board is political.
“This is purely political. The board is trying to save face. The awards were benefitting players and the level of competition had improved. We don’t know if players and coaches will get anything at the end of the month as has been promised,” said one manager.
“The board is desperately seeking reelection and wants to ride on the wave set by Matarirano. This is, however detrimental and affects players who were benefiting,” said another manager.

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