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Zhakata comes out from the cold

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Zhakata comes out from the cold


Zora music proponent Leonard “Karikoga” Zhakata, will tomorrow release his latest single titled “Chero Kuchibva Cash”.

Zhakata yesterday released a teaser promo for the visuals of the single on social media.

With the new look and catchy phrases on the teaser, music fans are looking forward to the video.

Will Zhakata reclaim his “Mugove” glory days with this single?

His music is for the mature and this time around he accommodated everyone.

In an interview, Zhakata said it was good to be back in the studio.

“Music has been my source of life,” he said. “I did this single with a fusion of old and new school producers to come up with a masterpiece of ‘Chero Kuchiba Mari’.

“The track talks about working hard and staying focussed on your goals. Don’t be distracted or look down upon yourself, just do what makes you happy and gives you money. With such conditions you just need to sustain your livelihood as long as it is legal, make sure at the end of the day, you have something. It’s a dance song and a good production.”

Zhakata said he did not do music for competition.

“What is killing our industry is competition rather than complimenting each other. We all have different talents and each one has his own time to shine. Music is not about competition.

“I know most people would ask why I take time doing music or why am I not racing against others or following trends. My answer will always be that I am a Zora musician and I remain one, I will only fuse with others not distancing my music.”

Asked when his fans can expect another album, Zhakata said he was working on one this year.

“My last album was number 21, and now I am working to release album number 22. I guess I will also have some surprises and with the team that I am working with, we hope to be dropping visuals as well.”

Zhakata said on this latest project, he engaged Eternity Productions and Rocklife Media.

“The two stables, Eternity Productions and Rocklife Media, saw it fit to do a project with me, which Macdee (Macdonald Chidavaenzi) worked tirelessly on the instrumentation, arrangements and also production of the audio and then Rocklife Media did justice on the visuals.

“I am glad also to be working with Albert Mtengwa of Purple Pride fame. My first born son Chamunorwa made it possible to pull Zora fans from across the board to come on board and be part of this project’s preparation.

“This project is going to be a combination of my creativity of the ‘Mugove’ era and the young generation of today and shall be showcased through the song lyrics, arrangements, visuals and also fashion sense.” Herald.

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