ZETDC manager ‘turns’ company worker into his gardener

Elizabeth Mashiri
Midlands Bureau
Gweru – A Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) regional manager has been arrested for allegedly using a worker employed and paid for by his company for four years as his gardener.
Engineer King Dube’s contract did not allow him to have a gardener paid for by the company.
Dube who is the manager for the Southern Region was remanded in prison by Magistrate Edwin Marecha for criminal abuse of office when he appeared in court last week.
Andrew Homa was employed as an online worker from 2013 to 2017 but he allegedly worked at Dube’s house all these years where he dug and watered the garden.
Prosecutor Wadzanai Shayanewako said that ZETDC was as a result prejudiced of US$17 568.25.

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