Zesa fault: Holy Cross students go for 2 months without water


CHIRUMHANZI – Students at the Roman Catholic –run Holy Cross Mission in Chirumanzu District have gone for two months without water because of a Zesa transformer that developed a fault.

Holy Cross head, Jacob Chifamba confirmed the development in a telephone interview with The Mirror and said he got assurances from Zesa that the problem will be attended to.

Innocent Moyo, a parent said as parents they are worried by the situation at the school and there is fear of disease outbreaks.
Zesa spokesperson Prisca Utete said she was not aware of the problem directing all questions to the Mvuma deport manage

“I am not aware of the electrical fault at Holy Cross Mission.

” Can you contact the Mvuma deport manager so that the problem is attended to quickly,” Utete said.

Mvuma Zesa deport manager Nicodimas Mubaiwa said the challenge at the institution was being worked on since they managed to get a new transformer.

“We are attending to the problem and right now as we are speaking there is a team working on the ground to have it fixed,” Mubaiwa said.

Another parent who requested anonymity said there should be consequences for Zesa managers who fail to perform their duties. She said the same must apply to any other Government arm or parastatal heads who are bungling.

The school has 600 pupils, a mission for priests and nuns and a clinic.

“The fact that the school is running without water is of grave concern to the parents.

“We raised this with the school authorities but there is no improvement. I have children attending the school and when I called one of them through his master he told me that there was no water,” said Moyo. https://masvingomirror.com

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