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ZCC holds prayer for elections in Beitbridge

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ZCC holds prayer for elections in Beitbridge



BEITBRIDGE-The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) held a national peace prayer session at Church of Christ, Mangava, in Beitbridge on Wednesday for the August 23, 2023, elections. 
The four-hour session began at 10 am and ended after lunch. The Pastors and congregants from different denominations attended the sermon.
ZCC regional coordinator Reverend Kudzi Dhliwayo, ZCC women ecumenical fellowship coordinator Rev Tariro Zhou, and ZCC supervisor and pastor of Limpopo Baptised Church David Mukandatsama are some ZCC leaders who attended the prayer session. 
Rev Mukandatsama told the Two Nations that the session was premised on peace and unity for the country before, during, and after the general elections.
He said their vision is to have peace in the country to foster peace.
“I am glad that l am also part of Beitbridge ZCC and l believe Beitbridge is a very good example for peace. We have not any violent incidences as is the case in other parts of the country,” said Rev Mukandatsama.
Rev Dhliwayo said the purpose of the prayer session was to send a message of peace and unity.
The session also discussed peace-building initiatives. All attendees were encouraged to vote.  

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