ZBS girl faces jail for throwing fetus into sewage


MASVINGO – A 22-year-old girl from ZBS in Masvingo has been arrested for allegedly aborting and throwing the fetus into a sewage, The Mirror can reveal.

Lessly Ncube said she was charged US$60 by Nicholas Matemera (25) to do backyard abortion. She alleged that Matemera inserted the pill into her private part to initiate the abortion.

Ncube who faced abortion charges appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Conceptor Ngwerume. She said that she was referred to Matemera by a friend named in the court as Tatenda Zivuku (25).

Ncube said she told Zivuku that she was pregnant and she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. Zivuku allegedly approached Matemera who charged her US$60 for a pill for the termination of the pregnancy.

On Wednesday last week, Nicholas went to Lessly’s house and allegedly inserted a pregnancy terminating pill in her private parts. He said he had gotten the pill from a friend who works at a local pharmacy.

The following morning at around 5pm, Zivuku wrapped the fetus in a plastic bag and threw it in a sewage drainage in Pangolin.

That day, Police acting on a tip-off managed to arrest Ncube and her accomplices and they recovered the fetus.

Zimbabwe is one of the few African countries that still outlaws abortion.

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