Zanu PF stops nurse’s hearing at Gutu Mission

Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial Youth League Chairman Brian Munyoro.



GUTU – In a case of lawlessness, Zanu PF has allegedly ordered authorities at Gutu Mission Hospital to stop disciplinary action against a senior nurse who is understood to be a party member.
The nurse is charged with alleged disclosure of her patients’ confidential information.
Hospital Medical Sup, Dr Brian Takayedza and six senior managers were allegedly instructed by Zanu PF Masvingo Province Youth chairman Brian Munyoro to stop internal disciplinary hearings against Priscilla Mavhiki who is a sister-in-charge at the maternity ward.
The instruction was given at the party offices at Mpandawana where Dr Takayedza and his team were summoned by Munyoro. Mavhiki and her immediate boss Matron Rufaro Justina Nyakudzi were allegedly present at the meeting.
The meetings at the Zanu PF offices happened on March 9 and 10 2020.
Reformed Church in Zimbabwe (RCZ) Secretary General Rev Tafadzwa Masimba confirmed the story and said an internal inquiry is being conducted on the issue.
The Mirror understands that RCZ Health Services Board chairperson Dr Enock Mayidha who is also Chief Executive Officer of Chitungwiza Central Hospital, secretary Samuel Mhungu, RCZ Moderature Vice General Secretary Simeon Madanhire and Station Superintendent Josephat Zambuko have since been dispatched to the hospital to find out why hospital matters were being reported to a political party.
Mavhiki who is represented by a lawyer shouted at The Mirror reporter when she was called for a comment. She said she knew the ‘culprits’ who gave her the information.
Dr Takayedza who was humiliated by the incident has since taken three months leave and there is speculation that he might not come back.
He declined to comment on the matter and referred questions to Rev Zambuko.
Munyoro vehemently refuted the allegations that he summoned the medical staff but Trust Bare, a senior Zanu PF district executive in Gutu confirmed that Munyoro indeed summoned, met and addressed Gutu Hospital staff.
Bare told The Mirror that he joined the meeting when it was underway and it was being chaired by Munyoro. He insisted that Munyoro merely mediated without using threats.
Allegations against Mavhiki are that she used confidential medical information that she knew about her workmates to insult them. There are four members of staff who reported her and she was called to a disciplinary hearing which was conducted by Aaron Nhongo (Administrator at Gutu Rural Hospital) and Shepherd Kuchicha who is the district nursing officer.
The hearing officers however, referred the matter to the Provincial Medical Office in Masvingo. It was then that Mavhiki allegedly went to Zanu PF.
Dr Takayedza was initially summoned to the Zanu PF offices alone on March 9. He was then ordered to bring along his senior managers including Nyakudzi, Tatenda Manaka (Human Resources Officer), Flora Gwarazimba (Human Resources Assistant), Patience Rudo Chidzurira (Registered General Nurse), Nhongo (Admin Officer at Gutu Rural Hospital) and they were allegedly warned not to touch Mavhiki.
“Munyoro instructed Dr Takayedza not to touch Mavhiki. He was told not to do anything against the nurse without reporting to Zanu PF first,” said a source.
“You don’t take any action against Sister Mavhiki without telling us. You don’t touch her. It is us who give you the green light to take her to a disciplinary hearing,” Munyoro allegedly told Dr Takayedza and his team.
“I know the people who informed you about this issue and I don’t want to give you any information you just have to get all the details from your sources”, said Mavhiki.
“I don’t know anything about the issue, I was not there in the meeting”, said Munyoro.
Nyakudzi referred all the questions to the medical superintended.
Workers who brought cases against Mavhiki are Jonack Mugoni (clinical officer), Gwarazimba, Chidzurira and Abiot Masinire ( administrator).

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