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Zanu PF politicians clash over sex worker’s coffin


Zanu PF politicians clash over sex worker’s coffin


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Mirror Reporter

CHIREDZI – The 2023 elections are beckoning and politicians are going to any extent to win the hearts of voters including buying coffins for every funeral in the constituency.

A deceased prominent Chiredzi sex worker, Paida Manika found herself with two coffins at her burial two weeks ago when Zanu PF Chiredzi West MP Farai Musikavanhu and prominent businessman Charles Njopera also a party sympathizer each bought a coffin.

The Mirror was at the funeral.

Musikavanhu who is believed to be looking at retaining his seat in 2023 confirmed to The Mirror that he bought a coffin for Paida. He said that he looked at Paida as his daughter and at one time assisted her with medical bills when she fell ill.

Musikavanhu said he was no aware that Njopera had bought another coffin.

Paida was stabbed by her boyfriend Obvious Yaya Toruvanda (22) who is now in remand prison.

Njopera told The Mirror that he lost 20% of the value after he was forced to return the coffin that he bought. He bought a US$300 coffin and Paida’s family settled for the one bought by Musikavanhu.

 “When I heard of Paida’s death, I went there and notified her uncle’s that I would provide a coffin and they agreed. I then went and paid US$300 to the parlour and I was shocked on the burial to hear that MP Musikavanhu had also purchased a coffin.

“I was left with no choice but to return the coffin at 20% less,” said Njopera.

 “I treated Paida as my daughter that’s why I sponsored her burial. At one time I helped her when she fell sick in 2021. As for the issue of coffins, I can’t comment,” said Msikavanhu.

Paida’s brother-in-law, Arthur Mbodzera said he heard Paida ‘s uncles discussing about the coffin issue but was not sure how the issue was resolved.

Some sex workers who spoke to The Mirror on condition of anonymity blamed Musikavanhu for only showing up at last minute.

“Njopera was the one who stood by us from the start, he provided the tents, food and almost everything and I don’t know why the preferred the coffin which only came at the last minute,” said a sex worker.

Njopera however said he has no political intentions but was only ploughing back to the society as a businessman.

“I have no interest in politics, I only did this because I am a businessman so I am ploughing back to the community,” he said.https://masvingomirror.com


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