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Zanu PF new line-up

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Zanu PF new line-up


Garikai Mafirakureva

Masvingo – Zanu PF Masvingo Province finally elected its provincial executive at the GZU School of Education on Tuesday this week.
Zaka North MP and former Police officer, Rabison Mavhenyengwa landed the position of chairman after ousting the Minister of State for Masvingo who has of late been increasingly associated with political violence.
Mavhenyengwa released the names of the top executive in an interview with The Mirror yesterday.

Main Wing
Chairperson: Rabison Mavhenyengwa (Zaka)
Deputy Chairperson: Trust Mugabe (Masvingo)
Political Commissar: Brian Munyoro (Gutu).
Sec for Administration: Mathias Tongofa (MP Chivi North)
Sec for Finance: Roy Bila (MP Chiredzi North)
Sec for Security: Leonard Simango
Sec for Transport and Welfare : Simon Muchafa.
Women’s league
Chairperson: Alginia Samson (MP Chiredzi Proportion)
Vice chair: Priscilla Zindari-Moyo (MP Mwenezi W), Secretary for Admin: Viola Munodzana (Zaka)
Sec for Finance: P. Manganda (Masvingo)
Sec for Commissariat: Sara Mandiki (Bikita)
Secretary for Sec: Alice Manyika (Gutu)
Sec Transport, Welfare N. Phiri (Chivi)
Youth league
Chairperson: John Paradza (MP Gutu West)
D, Chairperson: Delight Tichaona Mandebvu (Bikita)
Sec Admin: Charles Munganasa (Masvingo)
Sec for Finance: Naledi Maunganidze (Chiredzi)
Sec for Commissariat: Israel Lunga (Chiredzi)
Sec for Security: Wellington Chakona (Zaka)
Sec for Trans, Welf: Chikomo (Mwenezi).

Addressing delegates after the elections Mavhenyengwa pleaded for reconciliation with the rival faction led by Chadzamira. He endorsed Zanu PF candidates elected for the March 26 by-elections by the Chadzamira executive.
“We are going to respect the results of the primary elections conducted under the outgoing chairperson, Ezra Chadzamira. I know some of you might be bitter, but let bygones be bygones and let us move on as a united force.

“We should learn to accept defeat and know that today we are in office, but tomorrow there will be others. Those who are disgruntled should not start factions,” said Mavhenyengwa.

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