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Zanu PF needs to stop the war against Zimbabweans

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Zanu PF needs to stop the war against Zimbabweans


RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked war on the eastern European country, Ukraine, last week which has resulted in hundreds of deaths on both sides.

Putin gave lots of reasons for the attack ranging from Ukraine becoming an increased security threat to the increased expansion of NATO, and finally to “threats” posed by Ukraine’s desire to obtain nuclear weapons.

Putin’s action come at a time when the world has barely recovered from the effects of COVID-19 that has ruined the global economy.

Amid the fighting one thing is becoming clearer, Russia’s war on Ukraine parallels the Zanu PF-run government’s war against Zimbabweans.

Think about it for a second.

The definition of war is “a state of armed conflict between different countries or different groups within a country.” So, war doesn’t just need to be between countries, it can be within a country.

The Zanu PF government’s war against Zimbabweans can be seen in how it uses the army, police and intelligence operatives to quell dissent, arrest or abduct or even kill. Just on Saturday, for example, despite the Zimbabwe Republic Police giving a go-ahead for the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) to have a rally in Gokwe in the Midlands province, riot police showed up to stop it. They came with baton sticks and tear gas, along with a water cannon.

This is despite the fact that constitutionally, political parties, around the time of elections, are allowed to campaign as long as they get approval from the police and are peaceful.

Thus, what the arrival of the riot police proved is that this government is not hesitant to use force to stop a democratic process.

Surprisingly, the police did not show up at a Zanu PF rally in Kwekwe which was also happening on the same day as CCC’s.

Reports yesterday suggested that one person was killed while several others were injured after suspected Zanu PF thugs attacked the CCC rally in Mbizo, Kwekwe.

The regime is using everything at its disposal; the police, army, security agents, thugs and much more to stop CCC rallies.

Mnangagwa pretends to be a democrat, but does everything to stop people from making a choice about those they want to lead them.

Suspected Zanu PF thugs simply attacked a peaceful rally for the sake of causing mayhem and injury on citizens for making a choice.

The notion of free and fair democratic process seem to unnerve Mnangagwa, much like the dictator in Moscow cannot seem to stomach the idea of his neighbour choosing their friends.Newsday.

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