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Zanu PF happy with campaign

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Zanu PF happy with campaign


ZANU PF is satisfied with the structured and peaceful manner in which campaign rallies are taking place ahead of the March 26 by-elections.

This comes at a time when political parties are gearing themselves ahead of the upcoming National Assembly and local authority by-elections.

Speaking at a media briefing at the party headquarters in Harare yesterday, Zanu PF National Political Commissar Cde Mike Bimha said party structures were fully behind candidates for the forthcoming by-elections.

“We are satisfied that the campaigns are proceeding well in a structured and peaceful manner. As a party, we do not believe that violence is part of a modern and democratic means of engaging voters.

“We are confident as a party that our record under the New Dispensation is clear, our plans are solid and the party structures are working flat out at local level to get the voter understand our policies and record of performance and delivery on key issues,” said Cde Bimha.

Cde Bimha further said the party is committed to selling its policies to the people through democratic means.

“We are happy that apart from the more visible public meetings in form of rallies that most people follow with passion, our party structures constituted as mobilisation committees at ward and constituency level, are putting their best foot forward to make a strong case for the election of our candidates.

“These are supported by efforts of the candidates and provincial leadership in every province,”.

Zanu PF urban renewal success stories will prevail in the impending by elections.

Urban renewal plan will put cities back on track on the road towards the smart cities trajectory.

In urban areas, Cde Bimha said the party have clear plans to restore sanity and to restructure the bulk of the unplanned settlements to the advantage of the current occupants.

“We intend to create an urban environment that promotes wellness and a sense of community and a framework of urban regeneration that supports livelihoods for households, vendors, informal businesses and SMEs.

“In our rural constituencies, issues of food security, health, education, water and transport form a critical point of engagement with the community and voters. We are on track on most of the issues,” he said.

He highlighted that the party will be holding two Presidential rallies this weekend with one in Karoi on Saturday to be addressed by the national chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri while Vice President Constantino Chiwenga will address another rally in Mutare on Sunday.

There has been a trend of people returning to Zanu PF from MDC formations and other parties.

Recently, Cde Bimha said there has been an interesting trend of people returning to Zanu PF from MDC and other smaller parties.

“We are particularly happy to receive them.

“We confirm that we are receiving very helpful and effective facilitation from the leadership of the returnees under the Huyai Kumusha Initiative. Zanu remains very welcoming to those that are returning to the party and we continue to make significant inroads through the Huyai Kumusha programme.”

Zanu PF candidate for Kambuzuma constituency Cde Oscar Nyamunokora said the campaigning process is going on well.

“The electorate want tangible results. They want candidates who are eager to transform their lives. In my constituency, the issue of service delivery is a topical issue.

“They want running water from their tapes, title deeds at some informal settlements and rehabilitation of roads,” said Cde Nyamunokora. Herald.

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