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Zanu PF escapee: Gutu Police has no record

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Zanu PF escapee: Gutu Police has no record



GUTU-Police at Mpandawana, Gutu, has no record of Tawanda Sarukore handed over to the station after he was allegedly caught tearing off posters belonging to CCC candidates in Gutu Central.
Masvingo Police Deputy Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Lorraine Ndlovu told The Mirror that Police have no such record. However, the CCC crew that handed over Makore said after surrendering the suspect at around 5 am on Thursday said they were told to leave and allow the Police to do the rest of the procedures.
The CCC activists led by Russel Mudoro were shocked when they returned, only to be told that Makore had escaped from custody.
“We don’t have a record of the arrest of Tawanda Sarukore,” said Ndlovu in an interview with The Mirror.
Cames Myambo, the officer-in-charge at the station who is always accused of fronting Zanu PF refused to comment on the alleged escape and the failure to record the case.
Advocate Martin Mureri said CCC must take up the matter with relevant authorities and in particular Officer Commanding Masvingo, Commissioner Crispen Charumbira. 
“As it stands, the matter is being swept under the carpet. CCC must immediately raise the matter with the Police commander in Masvingo,” said Mureri.
Over 2 000 CCC posters were vandalised in Gutu Central in the last four weeks, and no arrests have been made.
Matthew Takaona, a journalist, is contesting against Zanu PF’s Winston Chitando in Gutu Central. There are widespread reports of voter intimidation in the Constituency including arrangements for villagers to go to polling stations with their village heads. In Ward 37 some villagers were instructed to feign illiteracy so that Zanu PF officials would mark the ballot papers on their behalf. The meeting was held yesterday.

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