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Zanu PF councillor found sleeping with someone’s ‘wife’

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Zanu PF councillor found sleeping with someone’s ‘wife’



Shurugwi – Zanu PF councilor for Ward 10, Tapiwa Ndawana (45) of Shurugwi is nursing injuries after he was attacked with an axe for allegedly being found sleeping with ‘someone’s wife’.

Ndawana who was arrested last year and spent two months in remand for allegedly selling 100 bags of social welfare maize meant for villagers sustained deep cuts in the head, arm and leg. He also faced another case of fraud, according to Mirror reports.

The incident happened at Dandavari Village at around 1am on Saturday. Ndawana is from Ndawana Village under Chief Banga.
The Mirror attended the court case in which one of Ndawana’s attackers was remanded in custody to January 30, 2022 for the assault charge.

Budwell Pisirai (19) appeared before Shurugwi Magistrate Percy Mukumba on Wednesday facing assault charges. He pleaded not guilty blamed his colleagues Oliver Nhema, Nicol Tom and Innocent Gombingo who are still at large for the attack.
It is the State case that on Saturday at 1am Ndawana was sleeping with Farai Mutero who is said to be his girlfriend in the latter’s bedroom.

Oliver Nhema and his colleagues arrived and declared that Mutero was a wife of one of them. Pisirai allegedly broke a window and gained entry into the bedroom where Mutero and Ndawana were cuddled on the bed.

He used a log and an axe to attack the complainant causing serious injuries to him
Accused was remanded in custody to 30 January 2022.

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