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Zanu PF Cllr orders clinic to return donated blankets

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Zanu PF Cllr orders clinic to return donated blankets



WEDZA – Zanu PF Councillor for Ward 24 in Wedza South has ordered a clinic where newly born babies die of cold to return donated blankets because they came from an opposition politician.
The blankets were donated two weeks ago by Valentine Zinhumwe, the CCC 2023 Parliamentary candidate for Wedza South Constituency.
Benjamin Chikuruwo, the Zanu PF councilor confirmed in a telephone interview with The Mirror last Friday that he told Nhangabwe Clinic staff to return 20 blankets that were donated.
Chikuruwo refused to comment further on the matter, arguing that it was unnecessary because he was not told of the donation in the first place. However, sources said he would go to the clinic with Zanu PF youth and the Police.
Zanu PF MP for the area Tino Machakaire’s phone went unanswered when The Mirror tried to get a comment from him. Machakaire is also Minister of Youth.
Zanu PF national spokesperson Farai Marapira said the party welcomes development from everyone.
“We have never heard of such activities. The President has called all Zimbabweans regardless of political and social lines to assist in development. This is our country and we have to develop it. We want an opposition that also contributes to development,” he said.
Mash East deputy Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Misheck Denhere said he is not aware of the matter.
Zinhumwe confirmed the matter and declared that he was not going to collect back the blankets from the clinic.
He donated the blankets when he held a peace and drug and substance abuse soccer and netball tournament at Chisangano Secondary School.
His donation followed a public appeal by the clinic staff that the clinic had a critical shortage of blankets. Patients and expecting mothers are discharged early because of lack of blankets at the clinic.
It is also alleged that new babies die at the clinic because of lack of blankets and the nursing staff are sometimes forced to part with their personal blankets to assist patients.
The clinic’s acting sister in charge Annasia Mudima said she was not allowed to talk to the Press when The Mirror called her for a comment.
“I received a call from the clinic staff advising me that they had been ordered to return the blankets last Wednesday. I will not take the blankets back because I am only making my contribution as a member of this community. I was touched by the plight of patients and nurses at the clinic which serves over a thousand villagers. It does not help anyone to return these blankets.
“Why are we punishing vulnerable people for selfish political ends?” asked Zinhumwe.
“I received a call from the clinic staff telling me that the blankets were causing them headaches. I told them to return them to the owner to solve the issue,” said Chikuruwo.

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