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Zanu PF chairperson bars candidates from donating

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Zanu PF chairperson bars candidates from donating


Theresa Zibowa

CHIVHU-Chikomba Rural District Council (RDC) Chairperson and Ward 18 Councillor Israel Dhikinya is allegedly barring Zanu PF aspiring candidates from donating in their respective wards.
Dhikinya, who also won the primary election, barred Ward 3 winning councillor Albert Tewende from drilling a borehole and rehabilitating Chikwezvero Irrigation Scheme in Ward 2.

Residents in Ward 3 are drinking contaminated water from a river as there is no piped water.
Tewende confirmed to The Mirror that Dhikinya barred him from carrying out projects. He also said Dhikinya told him that he has to follow party protocols.
He, however, begged this reporter not to publish the story as it tarnishes the party’s image.
Dhikinya said he is not allowed to comment on party issues when contacted for a comment.

In a leaked audio in possession of The Mirror, Dhikinya tells Tewende that Ward 3 residents have been drinking dirty water for long and he should follow party protocols and stop ‘unsanctioned’ development.
“It’s not about discouraging people from drinking water from the river, but how were they living before you came? We are not saying they should continue like that, but things must follow the correct protocols. I am just saying unsanctioned development must stop,” said Dhikinya in a leaked audio.

Chivhu Residents and Ratepayers Alliance chairperson Richard Gwatidzo described Dhikinya’s actions as sad. He said Dhikinya should urge aspiring and sitting councillors to develop their wards.
Sources close to the matter told The Mirror that Dhikinya fears losing his powerful position as council chairperson. He is frustrating efforts by winning candidates to carry out projects.

“The problem is Dhikinya fell out of favour with some councillors in the outgoing council and feels some guys want to remove him from the post. He is paranoid and demands to be invited as the council chairperson whenever a candidate donates to the community. Tewende has resources that frustrate him,” said the source.

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