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Zanu PF appoints chiefs against family decrees

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Zanu PF appoints chiefs against family decrees


• Mugabe family objects


MASVINGO – The ruling Zanu PF is inviting the ire of many chieftainships around the country by bending rules and appointing its preferred chiefs against family resolutions, tradition, culture, customs, practice and law, The Mirror has been informed.
Several analysts told The Mirror that the trend which is growing and done with impunity will cost the party the next elections as chieftainships around the country are fuming over the politically motivated interferences.

Latest in the interferences is the reversal by Permanent Secretary of Local Gorvenment and Public Works Zvinechimwe Churu of the unanimous nomination and confirmation of Professor Emmanuel Dumbu as the next Chief Mugabe to replace Mute Mudavanhu who died 13 years ago. Prof Dumbu was selected by all five Mugabe houses namely Mudavanhu, Dumbu, Chipfunhu, Haruzivishe, and Chikanhe in October last year but the resolution was overturned by Government three months later.

The houses responded by sending an objection to President Mnangagwa copied to several senior Government officials. They also instructed village heads not to co-operate with Government on the matter. Professor Dumbu is a Vice Chancellor with the Reformed Church University Vice Chancellor.
Part of the objection letter reads “Chapter 15 Section 283 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe states that the appointment of a Chief shall follow the prevailing culture, customs, traditions and practices of the community concerned. The appointment must be done by the President after the recommendations of the Provincial Chiefs Assembly, through the National Traditional Chiefs Council and the minister responsible for traditional leaders following the practices and traditions of the people choosing their chief. Any appointment outside the parameters set in the constitution violates Section 283 and is null and void.

“We, the Mugabe family appeal to the powers that be that our culture, customs, practices and traditions be respected, and anyone who intentionally tampers with these succession guiding virtues will not be respected by all of us”.
Henry Muganhu Makusha confirmed the reversal of the nomination to The Mirror adding that a petition has since been sent to Government to protest and resist its decision. A notice has also been sent to village heads to have nothing to do with a Government appointed chief.
The Minister of Local Government and Public Works, July Moyo could not be reached for comment as his mobile went unaswered.
Professor Dumbu referred all the question to the family spokesperson Henry Muganhu Makusha.

Ironically Government wants to install Matubede Mudavanhu on April 5, 2023 who has been acting chief for the past 13 years in violation of the chieftainship’s practices of collateral rotation from house to house. Mudavanhu acted as chief following the death of his father which means that the chieftainship is now moving from father to son.

In clear contempt of the Mugabes Government also allowed Mudavanhu to act for 13 years instead of the traditionally accepted two years.
“What this Government is doing is to obliterate the Mugabe tradition and replace it with a system for its political expedience. This is a cruel Government that imposes an unwanted and illegitimate chief on people simply because the party wants to win elections,” said Makusha.
Part of the objection sent to the President reads; “All the Mugabe families unanimously agreed that Dumbu is the next in line, but we were surprised that the government decided to go against our decision as a family. We are not happy with the development,” said Makusha.
Provincial Chiefs Assembly chairperson Chief Chitanga said he was not aware of the development.
“I cannot comment because this development came from the Ministry. I was involved during the selection meeting. You can ask the Permanent Secretary, he is the right person to answer that,” said Chief Chitanga

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